First thing's first. Click the links below to get free audio chapters of the beta novel!

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[Beta Chapters 1-4]

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[Beta Chapters 1-4]

Now then...

Hi! I'm Heather Landry of Sandpaperdaisy Art. I've been a horror artist and author all my life.

After I completed my formal schooling, I ultimately chose to make a living as an artist but I never stopped writing.

When the Covid-19 pandemic began to hit, I knew it was time for me to finish the novel I've been writing all this time, The Cradle of the Worm, so I could give it out to everyone for free while everyone was in need of a little distraction (and maybe a little magic).

Accordingly, proudly hosted the Beta version of my novel for the duration of the "lockdown" phase of the pandemic. We're so happy we are able to offer people a distraction from that difficult time! The novel has undergone extensive editing since then and is entering its next phase of life as an almost entirely new book...wish it luck!!

Audio Version:

Many people I know don't have the time or the disposition to sit down and read a novel. This beta audio version is for them, and for me and my friends as well...because we had some of the most fun in our lives reading it out loud to you.

Much has changed since these beta chapters were read, but I hope you can still enjoy them as a foretaste of some of the early events in the completed novel.

More about the book:

The Cradle of the Worm is a novel about people, some very imperfect and confused people who must stand against a vast and growing enemy. Here are a few of them:

Corm can't think like others do. Even so, he becomes the only one who can save a lifelong friend who has been brutally spirited away.

Vata is a soldier who has chosen a personal path even deadlier than the Army of Heaven itself.

Tife and his wife have had to flee their warm islands in favor of isolation and near slavery in a cold and unwelcoming land.

All of these people are oceans apart, but they share one enemy: a vast monstrosity slowly burrowing into the very heart of the world itself. No human can stand against it, but somehow they must find a way...or lose the planet they call home.

Those who have read this novel in its entirety compare it to "a cross between Disney's Mu Lan and John Carpenter's The Thing." And for now, that's all the explanation you're going to get...let the story unfold.