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Hi there! My name is Lauren Spear and I’m the initial founder of!

I wanted to create a horror-focused website that harkened back to the sites I visited in my youth — a time when most horror-loving folks were truly stoked on the genre. 

I wanted to create a "family" horror website. I come from a horror family, but my biological family is TINY. I wanted a way to connect with my "extended" (online) horror fam.

My parents, my husband, my friends-who're-now-family, and I are all very positive-minded. We sometimes grump or lovingly tease or offer constructive criticism... But we're never cruel. Although the horror movies we love so deeply feature some hardcore baddies — we strive to spread kindness. is where horror fans can come to be embraced by a loving "family" vibe. We lay on the feel-good nostalgia, we goof around and make (sometimes terrible) jokes, and we wholeheartedly welcome all our fellow weirdos to join us at the table and share their horror-lovin' thoughts!

Finally, and most importantly, I wanted to focus on the wonderful weirdos, the “mutants,” and the creepy creators who love the genre.

Creating a place for like-minded “fiends” to have some horrifically good fun was the number one goal. Not far behind, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the “little guy” creators – the everyday people who actually produce horror-related indie films, YouTube videos, podcasts, artwork, comics, novels, music, clothes, toys, masks, etc.

In short: was built so people who love the horror genre could find each other and have fun together.

Welcome home, Fam! We update every Friday.

Who's Responsible for This?!

Meet's Four Founders:


Lauren Spear -

Owner/Editor/Writer/Podcast Host

Lauren grew up in the horror industry and never grew "out" of it. The only child of two former special FX artists (Rob & Cathy Tharp), Lauren is a "Monster Kid" through-and-through. She created primarily so she'd have likeminded people to chat with who wouldn't think she's creepy >_> Her husband and best gals loved the idea and jumped on to help!

Frank Spear

Frank Spear -

Writer/Supportive Husband/Horror Fan

Frank's the reason Lauren's last name is "Spear" — they're married! Frank's a talented freelance writer, and shows off his skills occasionally on the blog. He loves the horror genre (especially video games), and is super stoked to be a part of this!


Heather Landry -


Known online as SandpaperDaisy, Heather's been a diehard horror fan since birth (give or take a year). She's's official illustrator, is always willing to brainstorm article ideas, and helps Lauren live the "dream" of owning a horror site. (She's also a horror novelist!)

Christi Bandy HorrorFam Writer

Christi Bandy -


Longtime friend of BOTH Lauren and Frank Spear's (and Lauren's Maid of Honor!): Christi Bandy is a horror devotee, one seriously busy freelance writer, and a devoted mother (two human kids and several cats)! But, whenever Lauren's taking the fast train to Burnout Town, Christi swoops to her rescue with emotional support and amazing articles! ♥

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