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The Quarantine Cookbook

During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020, we quickly realized that many of our online "fam" had no idea how to cook for/feed themselves without takeout.

That's why we made The Quarantine Cookbook! Over 70 pages of tasty recipes from HorrorFam.com, Mutant Cafe, and your online horror-lovin' fam! Get the PDF for FREE here!

Quarantine Cookbook cover

FREE AUDIO CHAPTERS: The Cradle of the Worm

This horror-fantasy novel is a scary and whimsical listen to keep you occupied while you shelter in place! Get the first four audiobook chapters here!

Coloring Pages

Feeling stressed? Grab some crayons/colored pencils/markers/pens/the blood of your nemesis (kidding) and wind down by coloring our HorrorFam.com mascots!

Each mascot is a full-page PDF that you can print out and color in however you like. Get them here.

Note: This collage is just a preview image!

FREE SHARABLE: Infographic

Are Horror Movies Good for You?

Click here or on the preview image to find out! (based on this HorrorFam.com article/research)

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