Wanda Fish

For Father’s Day weekend, we’re looking at over a dozen horror movie dads — including two on complete opposite ends of the spectrum, who we name the Worst and BEST dads in horror films!

Lauren Spear

Lauren Spear shares 13 of the best horror movie food scenes that’ve been irreparably burned into her brain!

Robert Tharp

Robert Tharp is traveling 70 years into the past to check out the best horror movies of 1954! Read his thoughts, only on HorrorFam.com!

Lauren Spear

From Cujo to Critters to Supernatural and beyond — Dee Wallace is FAR more than Mary, the mom in ET! She’s also…

Lauren Spear

We all get stuck sometimes… Here are 13 ghost movies streaming now featuring at least one character (alive or dead) who’s STUCK in some way.

Isaiah Swanson

Few have delivered more entertaining takes on the shark subgenre of horror than Misty Talley, and Isaiah Swanson thinks it’s time to sink your teeth into her filmography!

Lauren Spear

Here are the new & upcoming horror creations for May-August 2024 from the HorrorFam.com inbox! Want YOUR horror project featured in September…?

The Bride of Karsaz is one of the most famous urban legends in Pakistan. Rohail of CreepyHQ shares his knowledge on this chilling tidbit of Karachi folklore.