Robert Tharp

The killer sequel to the shocking original! Robert Tharp’s second article is sequel to Lauren’s post on great horror movie sequels!

Isaiah Swanson

A&P Productions’ Murdercise (2023) is the focus of the first ever Izzy’s Eerie Indies review!

Lauren Spear

Lauren Spear shares 12 horror movie sequels that are just as good (and sometimes better?!) than their original films.

Lauren Spear

In 2020, we published a list of 20 tween-friendly horror films. Since then, we’ve had more requests for a sequel to that post than anything else we’ve written. So, at long last, here’s an even BIGGER list of horror movies for tweens!!

Christi Bandy

Does Saw X (2023) hold its own in the franchise? Saw mega fan Christi Bandy raced to the theater to judge if the 10th film was delightful thrill or pure torture.

When you think of the full moon, what comes to mind? Werewolves, perhaps? Understandable. But what about …corn? September’s full moon is commonly known as the Harvest Moon, but it also has another nickname: The Corn Moon. To celebrate the end of September, here are 13 cornfield horror movies you can watch during tonight’s Corn Moon!

In his writing debut, retired horror FX artist and monster mask maker Robert Tharp shares 18 MORE hat-wearing horror villains who need YOUR vote for who dons the best chapeau!

September is Fall Hat Month and many horror movie villains wear awesome hats… But who among them wears the BEST hat? Cast your vote now!