Zander - Mutated Ant Teen

Zander Ant

We thought long and hard about what type of “monster” should be the head of the “fam” here at… A skeleton? An alien? A ghost?

We decided to go with a teenage mutant ant. Sort of a cross between THEM! and The Fly with a thoroughly radical 1980’s new wave aesthetic. A nod to our love of ‘50s sci-fi/horror and our status as “Eighties Kids.” Plus, he’s quite literally #MutantFam thanks to his radioactive mutations.

We also loved that ants are so community-focused. We wanted our primary mascot to promote that “colony” feeling. We're each extraordinarily capable on our own — a single ant can lift 50x its own body weight — but, when we're all together, the horror community is a powerhouse of strength.

Zander name is a common shortening of “Alexander,” a name that means “protector/helper of mankind.” A hero's name. A survivor. The "Final Ant" perhaps? ...Also, “Zander” sounds a bit like “Zanti” and we thought that was cute.

Wanda - Fish Person

A Fish Called Wanda

In their itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini, Wanda is ready for some water-based fun!

Joan - Mummy Dearest

Mummy Dearest

With her “hair” (bandages) up in rollers, Joan is the “mom” of our lil “fam.” Her black cat is named “Kosey” (Egyptian name meaning “lion”).

Dan - Tentacle Man

Tentacle Dan

He’s got a gold tooth because he got several cavities from drinking all that pop. Remember to brush your teeth, Fam!

Warren - Hipster Werewolf

Hipster Werewolf

His hair is PERFECT. Heather was listening to “Werewolves of London” when she drew our resident lycanthrope.

Tea - Vampire Witch

Vampire Witch

How can she be a witch AND a vampire?! Easy: a “vampire” is something you are, whereas “witchcraft” is something you do

Tea is a shortening of the Greek name “Galatea” (a popular baby name for Wiccan girls!), which means “she who is milk-white.” Seemed fitting as vampires tend to be pretty pale.

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