Isaiah Swanson

For this month’s Izzy’s Eerie Indies, Isaiah Swanson spotlights Christopher Wesley Moore and his Southern-gothic-meets-giallo slasher When the Trash Man Knocks. It’s the deep south’s Deep Red!

Today we’re looking at 12 of the best horror movies of 1994 — from serial killer housewives to dinosaur romances to VR games gone wrong, 30 years ago horror enthusiasts were on a wild ride.

Christi Bandy

Before we get any further into 2024, let’s look back at the past year just one last time. As a year in horror, 2023 was a fun year to be a cinephile but there were 10 that stood out to Christi Bandy for being extra special.

Lauren Spear

How are these films 40 years old?! Check out 15 of the best horror movies of 1984.

Isaiah Swanson

Step right up! This month, Izzy’s Eerie Indies looks at writer/director/actor Steve Rudzinski and his truly unique CarousHELL trilogy — indie horror films starring a sentient merry-go-round unicorn!

Whether you’re celebrating V-day with a horror lovin’ sweetie or your horror lovin’ self, these five Valentine’s Day horror movies will ensure you have a festive – and thrilling! – night in.

For the final post of the year, horror author AJ Spencer shares his picks for the Top 8 Horror Books of 2023! How many have you read so far?? (Also includes a special note from’s Editor)

Isaiah Swanson

To honor the holiday season, Isaiah Swanson decided to check out the new anthology horror flick, I Slay On Christmas (2023), from independent filmmaking legend Phil Herman.