When you think of the full moon, what comes to mind? Werewolves, perhaps? Understandable. But what about …corn? September’s full moon is commonly known as the Harvest Moon, but it also has another nickname: The Corn Moon. To celebrate the end of September, here are 13 cornfield horror movies you can watch during tonight’s Corn Moon!

In his HorrorFam.com writing debut, retired horror FX artist and monster mask maker Robert Tharp shares 18 MORE hat-wearing horror villains who need YOUR vote for who dons the best chapeau!

September is Fall Hat Month and many horror movie villains wear awesome hats… But who among them wears the BEST hat? Cast your vote now!

Christi Bandy

You’ve seen the possession trope before, but never like THIS! Christi Bandy shares what makes A24’s Talk to Me (2023) a must watch.

Lauren Spear

Here are the new & upcoming September 2023 horror creations from the HorrorFam.com inbox! Want your horror project featured next month…?

Isaiah Swanson

Isaiah Swanson sailed to theaters to watch The Last Voyage of the Demeter. Is it an unexpected delight, or is it simply “Dracula on a Boat”…?

Lauren Spear

60 years ago on August 11, 1963, Ishirō Honda’s Matango/Attack of the Mushroom People was released! Join us as we celebrate this Japanese horror gem! (Also includes a mini interview with artist Cathy Tharp about her stunning fan art mask!!)

Lauren Spear

Other movies have been getting ALL of the attention this summerand it’s unusual for a “Halloween”-y movie to make it’s theatrical debut in July so Haunted Mansion could easily fly under your radar.

But the real question is: SHOULD Haunted Mansion remain unnoticed…?