October 1, 2019

Well. Here we are. Launch Day has finally arrived!

Though I only bought the HorrorFam.com domain name a few months ago (May 2019), the idea for this website is one that’s been festering in the back of my mind for several years now. I can’t begin to describe how happy and excited I am that this website — my dream site — is finally a reality!

Welcome welcome WELCOME to HorrorFam.com! I’m SO happy you’re here!

Let me show you around…

The Pages

The About page tells you pretty much everything you’d want to know about HorrorFam.com and its creators (including me). There’s also a “hidden” page at the veeeeeeeeeeeery bottom that introduces everyone to our monstrous mascots.

Have questions? The FAQ page has answers!

Are you an aspiring horror blogger? Then you should check out the Write for Us page!

The Contact page has three handy-dandy methods for getting in touch with me (HorrorFam.com’s founder) directly.

And, of course, there are some pages that link to methods to show support. You can buy an ad, check out our merch, or donate to our Patreon. But I’m not going to get pushy about those pages. They’re in the menu/navigation bar, if you’re interested.

The Blog

HorrorFam.com is not a horror “news” site. There are already plenty of amazing publications that’ll provide you with news about upcoming movies, shows, toys, events, etc. in the horror genre.

In that sense, the HorrorFam.com blog is truly unique. Every article focuses on “horror” in some way or another, but the topics we accept are very broad within that one core subject matter.

You’ll get to read opinion pieces (often layered with a heavy helping of nostalgia) written by members of the horror “fam” from all around the world. Their posts take a fresh look at old favorites, share random things the writers thought were “cool,” and even dive into the elements that make up “horror” itself.

Perhaps YOU will be one of our blog writers in the near future? I hope so!

Soon, the HorrorFam.com blog will also have “Creator Spotlight” posts, focusing on independent creators who’re producing amazing work in the horror genre. These will be real artists, podcasters, filmmakers, dreamweavers from around the globe. It’s my hope that most of these people will be HorrorFam.com members who’ve shown off their creations in the “Share YOUR Horror Creations!” section of our free-to-join forums.

Which brings me to…

The Forum

Ah! The beating heart of HorrorFam.com: The Forum!

I’m really excited about the forum boards. I can’t WAIT to mingle with everyone and chit-chat about all things HORROR!

Uh… unfortunately… The image uploader functionality of the forums is busted at the moment. I’m so sorry. My team and I tried to fix it before Launch Day, but we couldn’t swing it.

Fear not! The forum WILL be working 100% properly VERY soon. I’m just waiting for payday. I need to invest in a premium plugin to fix the remaining technical issues (and, hopefully, make the forum more aesthetic as well). Sooooooooooooooooo… It should be working top-notch sometime between Thursday (10/3) and Tuesday (10/8). I’m a freelancer. Our “payday”s are notoriously unpredictable. >_<

In the meantime, I’m ever-so-grateful for your patience. Other than the image uploader, everything ELSE on the forum is already working and ready to go! Feel free to dive in (it’s FREE to join!) and get gabbing!

UPDATE (10/4/2019): The forum image uploader is working fantastically! Spent a hefty chunk of dosh on a premium plugin (ouch!), and all is well within the forums now. Added the rundown of my fixes to the “Forum Fixes” section. Also, as a side note, anyone (18+) is welcome to “lurk” on the forum without registering. However, if you want to reply to anything, you’ll need to register (it’s FREE!).

Special Thanks

Before I sign off, there are some wonderful people I need to thank…

Thank you to my husband, Frank Spear, for supporting my dream of owning a horror website. And a HUGE thank you to Heather Landry, HorrorFam.com’s official illustrator. HorrorFam.com would NOT be possible without Frank and Heather — this crazy site’s core team members!

Thank you to Heather’s husband, Ben, for acting as our beta tester and helping to identify which parts of HorrorFam.com were broken. (We fixed almost everything on time!).

Thank you to author Wayne Clingman for being the very first person to purchase a HorrorFam.com ad space! Thanks to Wayne, we had the funds needed to buy a premium WordPress theme.

Thank you to Diana Prince (AKA “Darcy the Mail Girl” from The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs) for supporting me privately when I announced on my Instagram that I’d bought the HorrorFam.com domain name back in May, and then publicly getting the word out to her massive Twitter following as I whipped this site into shape. Diana and I have never met (yet?), and she didn’t have to do that; but she did, and I’m forever grateful.

Thank you to the Blog’s first writers!

And, of course, a big whopping THANK YOU to both of my parents. Without them, I may have never been interested in horror. Thanks for making me weird.

Last, but far from least, thank YOU for taking an interest in HorrorFam.com! Fiendishly wonderful things are coming soon. Enjoy the site!

Beast Wishes Always,

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About the Author

Lauren Spear (née Tharp) is the owner of LittleZotz.com, a formerly super-respectable multiple award-winning website for freelance writers that's now just a wacky place where she tries to cheer people up anyway she can. Lauren's also HorrorFam.com's primary founder/owner! Lauren grew up in the horror industry (her parents did practical special FX work for many of the horror movies you love from the '80s and '90s) and she basically created this site so she could freely gas on about creepy stuff and stop having to pretend to be normal. o_O

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