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Podcast Interview with HorrorFam.com’s Founder

Our founder, Lauren Spear, was interviewed yesterday on the Voices of Misery Podcast! She shared what it was like growing up in the horror industry, her thoughts on horror movies (and video games!), how she manages her mental health, and what her grand plans are for HorrorFam.com!

Listen here:

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3 thoughts on “Podcast Interview with HorrorFam.com’s Founder

  1. Love it!! Laurenโ€™s interview was amazing! As someone who deals with mental illness myself, Laurenโ€™s story is truly and inspiration. Thank you for this community Lauren and all the hard work you and your husband put into this site. Oh and thanks for the kind works about me. I truly appreciate it.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode! Could you tell I was nervous? lol. After it was over, I couldn’t remember ANYTHING that I’d said! I had to wait for the episode to go live, like everyone else, to hear what went down. XD

      And, of course!! Nothing but kind words to say about you and your writing thus far. ๐Ÿ™‚ We’re very lucky you stumbled across HorrorFam.com and decided to submit some articles!

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