Podcast Episode 3: Wayne Clingman on Horror + Sci-Fi Film Festivals

Renaissance man Wayne Clingman joins HorrorFam.com’s Lauren Spear to share his love for horror, sci-fi, Wisconsin history, stray cats, and indie filmmaking. Wayne has not one but TWO upcoming film festivals happening in Manitowoc, WI (links below) and he just released another book.

Wayne’s Links:

Indie Film Wisconsin Film Festival – https://filmfreeway.com/IndieFilmWisconsinFilmFestival (use the code horfam1 to get 60% off the submission cost!)

It Came from the Sky Film Festival – https://itcamefromtheskyfilmfestival.com/ (horror + sci-fi film festival co-directed by Jason Love)

Wayne’s books on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Wayne-Clingman/e/B07S5Z5WSW/

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