As the vicious dog days of summer continue on here in the Northern Hemisphere, we thought you might enjoy some dog horror movies to distract you from the hellish heat, the terrifying thunderstorms, the deadly droughts, and – yes – the mad dogs.

While most of the dog horror movies on this list have a dog as the antagonist, the last three feature heroic doggos we’d love to have as best friends. We’ve also included where each of these dog-themed horror flicks are currently streaming so you won’t have to waste any energy looking it up yourself (and you can use the extra time to fix yourself a cold drink and give a good boi a treat!).

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1. Dracula’s Dog/Zoltan… Hound of Dracula (1978)

 Dracula's Dog/Zoltan… Hound of Dracula (1978) dog horror movie

In the horror classic Dracula’s Dog (also known as Zoltan… Hound of Dracula), Zoltan — a loyal and fearsome Doberman Pinscher whose master is the notorious Count Dracula! — is resurrected when unwitting travelers disturb his master’s remains. This supernatural pooch shares Count Dracula’s thirst for blood and he embarks on a chilling quest to find a worthy successor for his vampiric lineage. With a plot full of eerie intrigue and a canine twist on the Dracula mythos, Zoltan… Hound of Dracula/Dracula’s Dog is a hidden gem perfect for the dog days of summer!

Now streaming on YouTube TV.

2. The Breed (2006)

The Breed 2006 dog horror movie

Imagine a remote island overrun by genetically modified, highly aggressive dogs – that’s the thrilling premise of The Breed. When a group of friends (starring Michelle Rodriguez) takes a vacation on this seemingly idyllic island, they soon discover that paradise has turned into a nightmare. Ferocious dogs are on the hunt, and the group must band together to survive. Filled with suspense and unexpected turns, The Breed will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Now streaming on Peacock.

3. The Pack (1977)

The Pack joe don baker dog horror movie

The Pack packs a punch of terror as a pack of feral dogs terrorizes a remote Australian town — and Joe Don Baker (MST3K fans rejoice!). The suspense builds as the relentless dogs wreak havoc on unsuspecting residents, leaving a trail of fear in their wake. When the pack targets a family living on the outskirts, a battle for survival ensues. This nail-biting dog horror film is guaranteed to make you think twice before taking a stroll in the woods!

Now streaming on Hulu.

4. Cujo (1983)

famous dog horror movies cujo

Come on. You knew Cujo was going to be on this list. It’s a classic for a reason and when it comes to dog horror movies, we couldn’t leave 1983’s Cujo out. So, prepare to be terrified by the St. Bernard from hell! Cujo follows the chilling story of a lovable dog turned rabid monster after being bitten by a bat. When a mother and her young son become trapped in their car during a heatwave (dog days, indeed!!), Cujo, once their friendly pet, becomes their worst nightmare.

Now streaming on Max.

5. Man’s Best Friend (1993)

man's best friend dog horror movie

If your name’s Ally Sheedy, you could argue that Max belongs in the “Good Boi” section of this list but things don’t go well for most folks who cross this dog’s path! Man’s Best Friend is the story of an ambitious reporter who befriends a genetically modified dog, Max, while investigating a shady scientific laboratory. Max, with his heightened intelligence is initially a marvel, but his true (highly aggressive!) colors begin to show. When Max becomes increasingly overprotective, chaos ensues, and the Ally Sheedy’s kind-hearted reporter finds herself in a fight for survival. (Bonus: Lance Henriksen is fabulous as the mad scientist engineering Max’s terrifying genetic enhancements!).

Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

6. Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978)

1978 made for tv devil dog horror movie

In this chilling tale, a family unknowingly adopts a puppy possessed by a devilish force. As the dog’s sinister nature becomes apparent, the family must confront the evil within their home. This made-for-TV dog horror movie had a unique take on the genre and is fun for anyone who has a doglike love for cheese!

Now streaming on Tubi.

7. The Boneyard (1991)

baby cakes poodle dog horror movie the boneyard

Phyllis Diller and her pet poodle are possessed by ancient demons and run amok in a ludicrously castle-like mortuary terrorizing a hard boiled detective and his depressed psychic partner. Need we say more? A combination of humor and chills, The Boneyard (and Baby Cakes, the possessed poodle!) will give you something to talk about for many summers to come.

Now streaming on Tubi.

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8. White Dog (1982)

white dog horror movie based on a true story

If you’re looking for something more serious, White Dog delves into a psychological horror story with thought-provoking themes. When a young actress accidentally hits a white German Shepherd with her car, she takes the injured dog home, unaware of its dark past. The dog turns out to be trained to attack black people, setting off a chain of truly horrifying events that explore the nature racism and fear. This thought-provoking feel bad dog horror movie will leave you contemplating its implications long after the credits roll.

Now streaming on Vudu.

9. Baxter (1989)

bull terrier baxter french dog horror movie

Baxter takes a unique approach to the dog horror movies genre by telling the story from the dog’s perspective. Baxter, an intelligent and philosophical bull terrier, observes the dark side of human nature while residing in different households. As he continually searches for the perfect owner, Baxter resorts to drastic measures, leaving a trail of eerie happenings in his wake. And, let’s be honest, having all of Baxter’s internal monologuing be in French makes this pup seem even more deep…

Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

10. The Omen (1976)

the omen rottweiler hell hound famous dog horror movies

The Omen may not be solely about dogs, but what do most people remember about this 1976 classic horror film? THE DOG ATTACK SCENE IN THE CEMETERY! Antichrist Damien’s hellhound rottweiler was so deeply iconicly terrifying that he gave the entire breed a bad name for decades after audiences first witnessed him (and his demonic pack) brutally attack beloved veteran actors Gregory Peck and David Warner.

Now streaming on Hulu.

11. Bad Moon (1996)

bad moon 1996 thor dog horror movie hero

Originally a novel (Thor by Wayne Smith), Bad Moon‘s protagonist and primary hero is a dog! When Michael Pare is bitten by a werewolf, he returns home to his sister, nephew, and their loyal German Shepherd. Although the list of suspects in the case of this werewolf story is a list of one, naturally Thor is the only one smart enough to know what’s going on. He’s the final (good) boy!! This action-packed dog horror move finally settles why dog > wolf and has some great practical effects for the inevitable werewolf transformation sequence.

Now streaming on Peacock.

12. Frankenweenie (2012)

frankenweenie 2012 claymation dog horror movie

Perfect for younger horror movie fans, Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie is a heartwarming tale of the unconditional love between a boy and his dog. When young Victor loses his beloved pet, Sparky, he uses science to bring him back to life but, as with any mad scientist story, things take a spooky turn. In a quirky and endearing way, Frankenweenie reminds us that a dog’s unstoppable loyalty can even defy death itself. Plus, the stop motion animation is absolutely next level — a must-see!

Now streaming on Disney+.

13. The Voices (2014)

the voices 2014 talking dog horror movies

In this hilariously twisted horror comedy, Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is a seemingly normal guy except for one tiny detail: He hears voices. More specifically, he hears his pets’ voices! And when Jerry starts doing some pretty gruesome stuff, his pets become witnesses to his madness. Bosco the dog’s there, being all cute and the “angel on his shoulder” voice of reason, while Mr. Whiskers, the stereotypically sinister feline, encourages Jerry to embrace his chaotic dark side. The Voices is a rollercoaster of horror, dark humor, and psychological thrills. Ryan Reynolds nails his role (his best performance?!), showing us both the sympathetic and terrifying sides of Jerry’s character.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Which of These Dog Horror Movies Will You Watch First?

Whether it’s bone-chilling tales of dogs-turned-monsters or heartwarming stories of loyalty and bravery, these 13 dog-themed horror movies are sure to keep your tail wagging during the dog days of summer. Though we highly recommend utilizing (a must-have resource for any animal-loving horror fan!) if you want to know the (sometimes grisly) fates of the furry leads of these dog horror movies in advance.

Let us know who YOUR favorite horror movie dog is! Or, if you’re more a cat person, feel free to write a follow-up post for us on the best cat horror movies!

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