Diana Prince AKA “Darcy the Mail Girl” joined HorrorFam.com’s Lauren Spear to talk about all the crazy-cool things she’s been doing lately!

No Joe Bob! Absolutely adore him; but, this time, we wanted to shine the spotlight on our beloved “Darcy” and share all the amazing things she does on her OWN for the horror community! She’s FAR more than “just” Joe Bob’s sidekick — and we’re insanely excited about everything she’s doing to preserve horror history, support indie creators, and…just…what an adorable horror-loving NERD she is! lol. She’s truly one of us, Fam. ♥

But, of course, we also talked about The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs — how could we NOT?! We chatted about the upcoming season, the confirmed (finally!) release dates, annnnnnnnnd Diana hinted to as much as she possibly could about upcoming episodes + guests without violating her non-disclosure agreement! 😉

Diana Prince’s Links:

For more Diana Prince, check out…

Her horror-focused website: KinkyHorror.com (NSFW!! “You’ll see boobs!”)

Follow Diana on Twitter: @Kinky_Horror

Follow Diana on Instagram: @DianaPrinceXO

Be sure and say “hi!” And, if any HorrorFam.com readers/listeners can help Diana with her Monster Vision/horror history preservation project, let her know. The recent lockdown has made it more difficult than it’d normally be for her to get certain aspects of that accomplished, and she could use a hand!

Diana Prince as "Darcy" on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs
Diana Prince as Darcy on <em>The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs<em>

Important Notes:

1. First, I’d like to apologize to everyone, especially Diana, for the occasional audio glitches in this episode. Diana and I had no end of technical difficulties — we met up THREE times to record this episode! — and we finally got everything working (or so we thought!) and we were like “Yeah! We rocked it! That was awesome!!” And then… I opened the audio file to edit it and just about sobbed. It’s not HORRIBLE, don’t get me wrong, but there are about 3-4 sentences that got cut off/garbled by my (free) recording program. I filled in the missing pieces as best I could in the written transcript, but… argh! Diana is such a peach and I feel terrible that ANY of her words went missing. 🙁

Fortunately, 30 minutes of our 32-minute long convo were totally A-Okay! But… yeah. I’m so sorry! Hopefully I’ll have the funds to buy better equipment/software soon. O_o

2. Many of you are already aware of Diana’s previous work in the “adult” film industry… But, for those who aren’t: Diana used to be an adult actress. However, with that said, this episode is absolutely on-brand with HorrorFam.com’s other PG13 content! Diana didn’t even swear! She said “friggin” and “frickin” and was incredibly classy/cute and family-friendly!

3. Some sensitive topics are discussed in the episode that may be uncomfortable for some folks (though hopefully, ultimately, uplifting). Depression and suicide are both mentioned. If you, or someone you know, is struggling, don’t be afraid to seek help. Diana discussed her fight with depression, and you can read a little about my own struggles here… There’s no shame in having mental struggles, Fam. But it would be a horrible thing to live in a world without you. ♥

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… Enjoy the episode! Share it with your friends!

FULL Written Transcript:

*Intro music via FreePD.com*

Lauren Spear: Hi, Everyone! My name is Lauren Spear and you’re listening to the HorrorFam.com Podcast.

My guest today is Diana Prince — who you may know as “Darcy the Mail Girl” from The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs! But, she also does a ton of stuff on her own!

Diana showing her love for Wes Craven's Scream!
Diana showing her love for Wes Cravens <em>Scream<em>

Diana Prince: *giggles*

Lauren: She runs KinkyHorror.com and she does her own podcast, she does her own blog articles, and she’s all over social media posting stuff on Twitter and Instagram…

Diana Prince: Aww!

Lauren: *laughs* She does all kinds of stuff!

And we will touch on the next season of The Last Drive-In, of course — ’cause I know that everyone listening to this is as excited about that as I am — but, I mostly just want to talk to Diana about the things that she does because… a lot of people don’t seem to know that she does things outside of The Last Drive-In

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: …and she does a ton of amazing things!

Diana Prince: Thank you!! That’s a hell of an intro!

Lauren: *laughs* Welcome, Diana, and thank you for being here!

Diana Prince: Thank you for having me!

Lauren: How’re you doing today?

Diana Prince: Awesome. How are you?

Lauren: I… I’m doing okay? *laughs*

Diana Prince: Yeah, I know… Nobody’s really “awesome” right now. But, you know… “Okay” is good! *chuckles*

Lauren: Yeah! Yeah, we could all probably use a bit more sleep and a bit more time outdoors, but… That’ll come! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Yeah… *fake yawns* I don’t know. I think I’m getting plenty of sleep right now! *laughs*

Lauren: *laughs* Well, that’s good. That’s good.

Diana Prince: *giggles*

Lauren: So! The Last Drive-In! I mean… You guys just got a second season!

Diana Prince: Well, we’ve actually known we were doing a second season for a while! It’s just… I don’t know! Shudder’s so weird with like…

They kept pushing it back and pushing it back and I don’t know why and they won’t let me tell people when, but…

FINALLY — *giggles* — we know when and we can say it! So, yeah! It’s coming back April 24th!

Lauren: Very soon!

Diana Prince: Ready to perform her Mail Girl duties!
Diana Prince Ready to perform her Mail Girl duties

Diana Prince: Yeah! But I honestly wish it had been sooner. I was pushing…

As soon as we all got locked down it was like “Let’s do this!” Like, we need to entertain people right now! But, you know…

“Fortunately,” the quarantine’s going even longer! *laughs* So…

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: We have the opportunity!

Lauren: Yeah, well…

Diana Prince: Yaaaaaaaaaay?

Lauren: Yaaaaaaaaay.

Both: *laugh*

Lauren: Gosh. Yeahhhh…

Diana Prince: We’ll still be [airing episodes] for a part of [the lockdown/quarantine]. So, semi-soon. And it gives ME something to look forward to… And hopefully some other people too!

Lauren: Oh, yeah. I know a ton of people are looking forward to that!

On the third podcast we did… Er, no. The fourth one we did! We were talking to MutantFam.com’s Frank and he was…

Diana Prince: Ah, yeah! I met him recently!

Lauren: Yeah! You guys did a show with [MutantFam.com] on Friday the 13th in March!

Diana Prince: Yeah! And then he came to the last show that we did… Like, our live show! The, like, in-person thing that we do: How Rednecks Saved Hollywood

The last one — we didn’t know it was going to be the last one for a while — he showed up there and so I got to meet him in person which is always cool.

*audio glitch*

Lauren: …[in episode 4 of the HorrorFam.com Podcast, Frank from MutantFam.com] was talking about how Shudder is putting new things on all the time and everything… And I was like, “Yeah, well… Like most people… I never unsubscribe in-between seasons of The Last Drive-In, but that’s WHY I’m subscribed and what I’m waiting for!” *laughs*

Diana Prince: I mean, they got mad at me for even saying “it’s FOR SURE coming back!”

People didn’t know if it was even coming back this year! And, to me, that’s CRAZY! Like… Why can’t we just say “Yeah! It’s coming back!” If it’s months from now, cool. Just let me SAY that it’s…

Anyway. Sorry! I don’t want this to be a Shudder bitchfest, but… It’s confusing to me. *laughs*

Lauren: Yeah! Yeah…

Diana Prince: But thank you for being patient and not unsubscribing!

Lauren: *laughs* Well, I figured that something like that was going on ’cause you guys were kinda like… Kinda TRYING to…

Diana Prince: I did the best I could to be vague and be like “I promise it’s going to be SOON!”

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: But then “soon” became “well, we’re gonna push it back a few MORE months” and I’m like “God dangit! You’re making me a liar!!” *frustrated chuckle*

Lauren: You were trying SO hard to let us all know that…

Diana Prince: *giggles*

Lauren: “It’s still a thing! It’s still happening!” You know? “We’re trying!!”

Diana Prince: For a while they were telling me [the next season of The Last Drive-In would premiere in] May. So, when anybody would ask I would say “It MAY” — in all caps! *laughs* — “be back soon!”

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: But nobody really got it! They were like, “It will or it won’t?!” Like… *exasperated sigh* That’s the best I can do, Man! *laughs*

Sometime's Diana has to be like Michael Myers: Silent.
Sometimes Diana has to be like Michael Myers Silent

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: But, gladly, it’s coming back a little sooner.

Lauren: You’ve done a good job holding up your non-disclosure agreement AND keeping us all in the loop as best you could.

Diana Prince: Thank you. *giggles*

Lauren: And, yeah! Like… We interacted on Twitter a long time ago! Before HorrorFam.com was even a thing — when the first season [of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs] was on. I was watching it when it was on then, and I was just like, “Man! This gal is ON IT. She is answering EVERYONE!”

Diana Prince: *giggles*

Lauren: “She’s doing a hell of a job!” Y’know?

Diana Prince: Awww. Thank you!

Lauren: And then I kinda poke around and I was like, “Oh wow! You know what? She’s actually just a huge NERD herself!” *laughs*

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: “She’s genuinely into this! She’s not just a model pretending to be into horror movies and stuff!”

Diana Prince: *laughs harder*

Lauren: You genuinely LOVE this stuff! And I thought that was so cool.

Diana Prince: Yeah! I mean… If I wasn’t on the show, I’d still be watching every week and be part of all the tweet-alongs! So…

Lauren: Yeah! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Now I just have to tweet a little more than I would normally!

Lauren: I was just like, “Oh my gosh. Wow. That’s really cool.”

And then… And then, for some reason…

*audio glitch*

[you ended up on my personal Instagram account and followed me] and I was like, “Whoa! What?!

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: “How… How did she even find me on here? And WHY?!” *laughs*

Diana Prince: You must’ve said something sweet or something! Because if anybody says something nice I’m like “Follow! Follow! Follow!” *laughs*

Lauren: *laughs* But it’s so surreal! It’s like, “Oh my God… Diana Prince is liking my pictures of my cats and my…lunch!” Y’know?

Diana Prince: *laughs* I love your cat pictures!! Post away!

Tina and Flex, Lauren and Frank Spear's kitty girls!
Tina and Flex Lauren and Frank Spears kitty girls

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: But congratulations to YOU! *audio glitch* [HorrorFam.com was something you’d wanted to do for a while and it was tough going at first]…so congrats on getting the site going and everything. It’s really cool!

Lauren: Ah, yeah. Thank you so much! Yeah… It’s been a dream for a long time.

Diana Prince: That’s awesome.

Lauren: And I’m so happy to finally be doing this and getting to be, you know, MORE myself and publicly “weird” instead of just business up front and “weird” at home. *laughs*

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: It’s been very freeing and lovely. And you’ve been just such a huge supporter of HorrorFam.com! You were, like, our first follower and the first person who ever, like, mentioned us…

Diana Prince: Aww.

Lauren: And you’ve been a huge support to me behind-the-scenes as well with, like, my weight loss journey and depression struggles and stuff.

Diana Prince: Yeah, Man. I get ALL of that! *knowing laugh*

Lauren: Yeah! And if anyone goes to KinkyHorror.com, which is Diana’s site where she writes articles and she has her own “Geek Tawk” podcast…

Diana Prince: It comes out pretty sporadically, but I do have it! *giggles*

Lauren: Yes, you do! *laughs* And… I know that you have struggles with, um… speaking! And I feel like I’m kind of… speaking a bit too much right now!

Diana Prince: Oh, no!

Lauren: But that’s partly because I, too, have trouble… And, like, I get nervous and over-excited and just kinda BLEEEEEEGGGGHHHH… y’know? Mouth diarrhea. *laughs*

Diana Prince: No!! You’re doing amazing!

Like, I get nervous too! Before any podcast! Before ANY show… Anything! I’m just like, “HOW am I going to make words come out of my mouth??” *laughs*

Lauren: Oh, God. Me too!

Diana Prince: I’m so happy to just be silent. And just “talk” in text or something! Like, so many of my friends are like that too and we’ll just sit in the corner and text each other instead of actually talking [out loud]. *laughs*

Lauren: Yeah!

Diana Prince: But I’m trying to get better about that and this job forces… JOE BOB forces me to!

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: I was supposed to read all the mail [out loud] and stuff. And that is FAR too much talking for me! I’m just gonna hand [Joe Bob] the letters and say the least amount I can…

But, luckily, he’s getting me more and more used to it. So, I’m kinda grateful for that. But still: It’s always a struggle.

Lauren: Yeah, but… The way that you have been so open with those struggles was very inspiring. And it’s helped me, honestly, because it’s like, “Well, you know, Diana’s doing it [in spite of her fears], so I can get out there and do it too!” *laughs*

Diana Prince: Aww! Well, thank you!

And YOU and others that share their stories with me inspire ME! Because I, from an outside point of view, can look at you and say “Yo! You’re doing a great job! Just keep going! Just keep doing it!” And then I would be such a hypocrite if I didn’t say the same thing to myself, y’know?

Like, it’s easier to believe in other people and encourage them than yourself.

Lauren: Yeah!

Diana Prince: Like… I just kinda have to remember what I would say to someone else and try to remember [to say that to] myself.

There were times during the first marathon where they had to push me out. Literally! Physically PUSH me to go out! And then I sat there and I…

You can see some of it where he’s… There’s all these pauses ’cause it’s like *audio glitch* [my turn to talk and I] can’t speak and he’s like “Well, okay then! Soooooo… that was the mail girl!” *embarrassed laugh* And I’m like, “Okay, sorry…” And I’d go back and cry like, “I told you I couldn’t talk!”

I mean… So then I talked to people because just… Immediately everybody was like… Oh God. I got SO much hate after that! Like, “She’s TERRIBLE!! Why do you even have her?!” And I’m like, “I know I’m terrible!!” *laughs* I told them not to have me!

But… That’s why I kind of explained, like, I’m honestly just here to help… not because I think I’m doing a good job!

The photo collage Joe Bob Briggs shared on his official Instagram when he announced he'd chosen Diana Prince as his new Mail Girl!
The photo collage Joe Bob Briggs shared on <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomjoebobbriggsofficial target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>his official Instagram<a> when he announced hed chosen Diana Prince as his new Mail Girl

Both: *laugh*

Diana Prince: But [Job Bob] insisted that I keep going with it and keep trying. And it’s like…

After so many times of doing it, I still…! Like, even NOW, right before we have to do something: “I can’t do it!” I start freaking out! And he’s like, “You’ve done this, like, 185 times at this point. Why is this any different? Just do it!”

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: Okay. Good point. *laughs* Like… How many times can I freak out, like, to a crazy amount? If you mess up, you mess up. Y’know?

*audio glitch* *Diana said something inspiring about learning to not care as much about little things going wrong and to not let perfectionism get in the way of getting things done, and how she’s using that attitude change to build confidence and speak up more, but Skype’s recorder ate that wonderful tidbit and I’m so sad*

Diana Prince (continued): That’s been very helpful. At least as far as work. Um, privately, I think I do a good job talking to people… But then, always, people are like, “Oh, you’re so quiet.” And I’m like *exasperated noise* “Really?!” *laughs* Because I feel like I’m talking a LOT! But… okay. I’ll try more…

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: It’s so frustrating! But… whatever.

Lauren: Well, I think you’re doing a great job and I know there’s far more people who think that you’re awesome than don’t.

Diana Prince: Oh, thank you! At some point you just have to not care [about the haters], y’know?

But it’s definitely stressful too because I’ve got BDD and weight issues and stuff myself so, like…

There’s a lot of times when we just have to… GO! Like the Christmas special and stuff… We had makeup I didn’t like and lighting problems and stuff like that. And, if it was up to me, I’d be like, “NAH. We’re postponing this! This is a mess!” *laughs* But you’re not allowed to and you kind of just have to go with everything!

So it’s all teaching me to just… Don’t take everything so seriously ’cause it’s not ever going to be perfect — and people are going to talk about it when it’s not — but it’s better than not trying!

Lauren: Yeah, absolutely! And, you know what? I think a lot of people can tell that you are TRYING and that you’re *audio glitch* [genuinely nervous. So people are more forgiving of little mistakes, because your responses are so real/relatable]. That’s why there’s so many GIFs… Like reaction GIFs and stuff of you, like…

Diana Prince: *giggles*

Lauren: “Well, yeah!” And “it’s fun!” Y’know?

Diana Prince: Yeah! I’m glad! I’m glad a lot of people accept me. *laughs*

Lauren: Yeah! I mean… you’re one of us! You’re a genuine horror fan and you’re horribly awkward just like the rest of us!

Both: *laugh*

Diana Prince: *through laughter* That very true!

Though I will say: As I travel with [Joe Bob] and get to know him more, it’s less awkward to be his…counterpart(?) or whatever.

Because I used to go, “I can’t talk to you!” Because he’s so friggin’ PRO! Like, he’s just instantly like “BLAH BLAH BLAH! I’M JOE BOB AND I HAVE ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE AND THIS LOUD BOOMING VOICE!!” And then I come out there like… “Hi.”

Both: *laughs*

Diana Prince and Joe Bob Briggs!
Diana Prince and Joe Bob Briggs

Diana Prince: But now I can, like, pick on him and it’s just… less intimidating. *chuckles*

Lauren: Yeah… *laughs* Plus, you know, you can kinda tell that he is… a talker.

Diana Prince: OH YEAH. *laughs*

Lauren: Yeah. *laughs* Soooo… I don’t think he minds [that you’re on the quiet side].

Diana Prince: I think he needs somebody who’s NOT a talker, personally! Because, imagine, if I was somebody who wanted to talk and be the center of attention? We’d be butting heads and fighting! But I’m just like, “Finish your thoughts. Keep going!” *laughs*

Lauren: Exactly. Yeah. So, I think it works!

Diana Prince: Well, thank you.

Lauren: And, you know, he’s always saying such nice things about you as well, so…

Diana Prince: Which I appreciate! He’s super. One of the kindest people I’ve ever met and a big supporter of… EVERYONE! Like he’s just so caring…

He’s not on social media as much. But I often, like, speak for him. Or he’ll send me tweets like, “Respond to this person!” Or whatever. *laughs*

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: “They wrote something really nice!” And I’m like, “Okay. I’ll get to it!”

But he… He cares about everyone’s journey. And he talks to everyone at the [live] shows for, like, forever. And he’s just so sweet and so caring. And he’s been like that… always!

He used to, back in the Monster Vision days, literally hand-write to EVERY single person that wrote him a letter. HAND write! And send [a letter] out to EVERY. Single. Person.

And now he does the same thing with DMs and emails… It takes him, like, 150 years… But he does! Every single person. He replies to them. And remembers them!

Like, there’s people he’s talked to for decades and knows their whole life story! And it’s just amazing!

Lauren: That is amazing. And I think *audio glitch* [that’s super cool].

Because you were one of the Monster Vision kids, y’know? Growing up watching Joe Bob. And now you’re…

Diana Prince: Yeah! Definitely!

I sent him a letter asking him to be [his] Mail Girl when I grew up… When I was old enough! *laughs*

Lauren: And there you go! There you have it!

Diana Prince: *giggles* “One day, Joe Bob…!”

Lauren: That’s going to be in the movie version! There’s going to get somebody to play, like, little Diana…

Diana Prince: *cracking up*

Lauren: …writing a letter to Joe Bob [asking to be his Mail Girl], and then flash forward to…

Diana Prince: Honestly, he NEEDS a movie version of his life!

Like, his story is so unique. I know this doesn’t need to be the Joe Bob Worship Hour, but… *audio glitch* … He’s lived in, like, the jungle with cannibals… Like, the Cannibal Holocaust jungle? He lived there for months! With a tribe!

And just, like… [Another time], he went undercover and almost got killed by some Italian mob people! All these for just, like, articles that appeared in, like, the Texas newspaper!

And like… *awed whisper* Jesus Christ, Dude!!

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: He’s, like, the most fascinating person in the world! That’s part of why I love just… promoting him! And it’s tireless for me! Because, like, he’s just so amazing to me in so many ways. So, I love that people are showing him that love back…

Because, when I first met him, he was really kind of down about it. He thought no one ever cared about the work he did. He was trying to be billed as “John Bloom” and I’m like… “No, Man! You are TOTALLY loved! You NEED to come back! We need you!”

Lauren: Oh my gosh. Yeah.

Diana Prince: And I’m glad that he can see that now.

Lauren: Yeah! I’m so glad for that as well.

Like… Similar thing with my dad who was the guest on last week’s podcast! He was, you know, like one of the “rockstar” practical special effects artists back in the day…

Diana Prince: Hell YEAH he was! *laughs*

Lauren: And then, you know… CGI came around in the 2000s and then it was kinda…

Diana Prince: Yeah…

Lauren: That was it!

And then, when I asked him, like, “HEY! Let’s talk about [your work on] Beetlejuice!” He was like, “Ah. Nobody’s gonna care about that…” *laughs*

Diana Prince: Oh, man. SO wrong. *laughs*

Lauren: Yeah! Like, “No, Dad. You have NO idea…” *laughs*

Diana Prince: That’s awesome. I’m glad he could see that. That people care. Because we DEFINITELY do.

Lauren: Yeah! I’m really glad for the guys like my dad and Joe Bob having kind of a… a “comeback” in the 2020s!

Diana Prince: Yeah! Because, like, back then you just kind of worked in a bubble and you didn’t really get feedback like you do now with everything online.

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: So, it’s awesome to get them to see it, y’know?

Lauren: Yeah!

Diana Prince: [Joe Bob] used to tell me — and he still does — that “my show would just go out and then I’d never hear about it. Like, you know, I’d get some letters from prisoners and stuff, but that’s it. That’s all. And I thought that it just… went away. And that no one remembered.”

Lauren: No, no! People remember!

Diana Prince: We remember!

Like the Monster Vision tapes stuff that are, like, ALL over my house currently. *laughs* He was like, “Ah! No one cares about that! I just kept them for posterity…”

And I’m like, “WHAT are you TALKING about?!”

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: “What! Dude, this is a TREASURE!” And he’s like, “I guess… Who would what them without the movies? That’s so boring.”

No, no, no, Dude… *laughs*

Lauren: As long as you’re talking about that: You said, a while back, on social media that you and Joe Bob were going around and getting all the old tapes from people…?

Score! Diana showing off the boxes upon boxes of Monster Vision footage she and Joe Bob recovered!
Score Diana showing off the boxes upon boxes of Monster Vision footage she and Joe Bob recovered

Diana Prince: Yes, we did!

He had them in, like, several different storage lockers. One guy convinced him to keep it. He wasn’t even going to *audio glitch* [keep them, but the guy] convinced him. Like, his friend… who, sadly, passed away like ten years ago…

Lauren: Aww.

Diana Prince: So, he had them in storage, and Joe Bob hadn’t done anything with them…

I know our editor, Crystal [House], had talked to him and got a few of them out of there and was working on them herself, but didn’t really… Like, I think she put some out on Facebook or something like that? But that was the extent of it.

And [Joe Bob] was like, “Eh. Well, if some people think it’s cute on the Facebook group, that’s cool.” And I’m like, “NO! We need ALL of these! Like, you have NO idea what a treasure this is!!”

I will do WHATEVER it takes to put ALL of [the old Monster Vision episodes] out! Like… the guests even! It’s… it’s so much HISTORY that would just… It would be GONE if… if this isn’t preserved!

So I’m like, “Let’s do it! Let’s go to EVERY storage locker where you have them. I will bring them back and I will figure out how put these out to people.”

And he went, “I guess. If you want to.” And I’m like, “I want to!” *laughs*

So we spent, like… I think it took six days to drive across Texas… And there were some in LA…

And we finally have them all [gathered] up! They’re mostly in my storage locker, but I’m looking at three BIG boxes in my room right now! *laughs*

And some of them are on tape, but some of them are on a frickin’ weird…like…I don’t know!…film format that I still don’t know how I’m going to get [those particular episodes] transferred…

But I WILL figure it out! Because THOSE are the ones that are, like, SO rare!

There’s this, like, complete reel of just… unedited footage from the Night of the Living Dead cast!

Lauren: Oh, wow!

Diana Prince: And things like that! Exactly!! [Things] that are like NOWHERE anymore! And they CAN’T be anymore! Like, a lot of people have passed away…

And it’s just like… This stuff needs to be OUT there!

Especially unedited! That means there’s, like, footage that people haven’t seen at ALL!

Because, like, he was doing the Joe Bob… Uh… I can’t remember the exact name of it. *laughs* But “the sleaziest movies of all time” or something…?

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: And they didn’t all get put out! But here they are! You know what I mean? So there’s all this footage that people haven’t seen!

And, so, I will figure out the best way to get it to people! *giggles*

I… I had some stuff going, but then the lockdown happened and so a lot of the people [who were going to help me] aren’t working right now… But, slowly, I will…

At least the tapes! I can probably figure that out myself…

Anyway! *laughs* YES! I will get that out to people — that’s the point!

Lauren: Yeah! And, I mean, this is a nice segue… Going from Last Drive-In to other Joe Bob activities to what YOU do personally…

You do a lot in the horror community just on your own! Like… you’re getting the old Joe Bob videos out to the world!

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: Preserving horror history!

Diana Prince: It totally IS history and I’m glad I can help!

Lauren: And you’ve got your own podcast… Sporadic podcast!

Both: *laugh*

Lauren: And you do some stuff on YouTube sometimes! Like, you’ve got a really awesome interview with Clint Howard!

Clint Howard being interviewed by Diana Prince

Diana Prince: Thank you!

Yeah! That all started…

I was still doing adult work, but I loved horror… So I just kinda did… Like, as a hobby, I started Kinky Horror. *giggles* Because I was still, you know… in porn. So I was, like, putting up my kinky stuff and my horror. Which is why it’s named that.

But then I would run into these people that are, like, icons to me at screenings or signings or whatever. And the very first person was Jill Schoelen. And I’m like *starstruck noise* I… I need to do something!

So I’m like, “I do interviews!…now…” *laughs* “So, let’s do interviews!”

So I just started doing it for just that reason: To talk to her!

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: So, from there, I did a couple more. And then, when I kind of segued out of porn a little bit, I still wanted to promote the porn stuff [to support my friends who were still in the industry], so I started doing the “Karnal Kombat” [videos] and doing reviews of, like, porn or whatever…

But I stopped when I had this really bad bout of depression. Um… I guess it’s been about two and a half… three years now? Where, like…

First my cat died, who’d been my friend for, like, EVER.

Lauren: Oh no! I’m so sorry…

Diana Prince: And so that was devastating. And then it was just, like, this really bad span of time…

Like, eight of my friends committed suicide…

Lauren: Oh my gosh!

Diana Prince: I know! Like… it was insane.

And I just locked myself away. And that’s when I…

I’d kind of gotten out of my being super scared to talk bubble. And I was being “out there” and doing more… and that just kinda killed it.

Like, I locked myself away. I didn’t talk to, like, literally anyone for like a year. Just my immediate family that’s in my house and no one else.

So… I quit doing all of that. And… I would still write sometimes. I kinda kept Kinky Horror always going, but not as, like, passionately as I had been before. But I just [wrote] some things so that I wasn’t doing nothing.

Lauren: Yeah…

Diana Prince: And then Joe Bob’s honestly the person that helped me break out of that…

And I told him, like, “I haven’t been on camera… I haven’t talked to people in, like, YEARS. I don’t know if I can just up and do this again…”

And he’s like, “Well… you have to.”

Both: *laugh*

Diana Prince: “Because I need you and I need a Mail Girl and you’re doing it.” And I went, “Okay. Cool.” *laughs*

So I spent so much time then developing [The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs] and working for that that I didn’t really get back to my own stuff. But, I promised [Joe Bob] that, this year, I would focus on it more and do more with my Kinky Horror [website] and get back to my videos and my pods…

Of course… *rueful laugh* The virus thing that’s happening now will maybe change the way I’m doing that… But I’m still determined to re-focus on that!

Lauren: You’re still putting stuff out there!

Diana Prince: Exactly.

Lauren: Yeah! You’re still putting up articles! You had something up [the other day] on Leprechaun

Diana Prince: *laughs* Thank you…

Lauren: And St. Patrick’s Day was just a couple weeks ago! So, you know…

Diana Prince: The articles are easy! Writing’s always easiest [for me]!

Lauren: And the Stuart Gordon tribute!

Diana Prince: Ah, yeah. You can’t NOT talk about that!

Lauren: Yeah… And that was just a couple days ago…

Diana Prince: Yeah. I’m definitely trying to keep it going that way.

And the pods!

So, last year, the podding was primarily just Joe Bob, honestly. Because he was always there and it was easy… And we’d talk about, like, how… You know. Issues and being on the road and stuff like that!

But, this year, I’d booked a whole bunch of people we’d see at cons and stuff, like, ahead of time…

Joe Bob *audio glitch* [joked about] being my sidekick. And I’m like, “It’s just more FUN when you’re on!” *laughs*

And so we did a couple with, like, Frank Henenlotter and… I can’t remember. I think we did a couple other cute ones. *laughs* Anyway! That kinda got smushed right now.

But I plan to definitely keep it going even if it’s hard and not let anything set it back. Even this virus thing! Y’know?

Lauren: Yeah! Absolutely!

Diana Prince: Like YOU! Look at you!!

Lauren: *laughs* Well, at the very least, we all have more time at home to record things now!

Diana Prince: You know, that’s true! Like… I should start bugging people more!

That’s my thing: I never want to bug people! I feel easier bugging them if Joe Bob’s my “sidekick.” *laughs* It’s like, “Hey! Can JOE BOB and I interview you?” instead of just like, “Can…I…interview you…?”

Lauren: Yeah… yeah.

Diana Prince: But, yeah… Maybe I’ll hit some of those people up so that it’s not just me and Joe Bob always [for every Geek Tawk Podcast episode]. *laughs*

Lauren: Yeah, absolutely! Come on! People love you!

Diana Prince: Aww. Well, thank you!

Lauren: And I can’t really imagine anyone being “bugged” by you. You’re always just such a sweetheart all the time! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Well, thank you! But I… I definitely feel bad asking for anything… ever. *chuckles*

Lauren: Yeah… Me too…

Diana Prince: Well, I’m glad you did! I’m glad you set this up.

Lauren: Aw! Well, thank you again for being here! And for… Gosh! Just for everything you’ve done for HorrorFam.com!

Like, you are SUCH a busy lady, and yet you still find time to like… Every time we put out a new article or a new podcast you’re always, like, retweeting that IMMEDIATELY! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Aww! Well, if I ever miss anything, hit me up until I see it! Because I will definitely help promote it whenever I can!

Lauren: *laughs* Gosh! I… I don’t think you’ve missed anything yet!

Diana Prince: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *laughs*

Lauren: Jeez! Yeah! And… *laughs* Sorry.

Diana Prince: *laughs* No worries.

Lauren: Brain fart…

Oh yeah!

And, like, you go to comic cons and stuff like that! Like… You dressed up as Catra which was, like, my favorite She-Ra toy!

Diana Prince as Shower Power Catra!
Diana Prince as Shower Power Catra

Diana Prince: Hell…YEAH! Shower Power Catra!

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: The variant version!

Lauren: Yeah. The variant version. But you still got the “cat scratch” action! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Yup! AWWW! You know it! That’s awesome!! *giggles*

Lauren: Yeah! *laughs* Yeah…

And, of course, your name is very similar [as in exactly the same] to… a favorite superhero…

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: …of both of ours, I’m assuming? *laughs*

Diana Prince: Oh, for sure!

When I started adult acting… I wanted to just use my name to show that I wasn’t, like, ashamed or anything… But my agent was like, “Uh… No. We don’t let you do that for your own safety.”

So I had to come up with a name last minute… And I was like, “Has anyone used ‘Diana Prince’ yet…?” And they were like, “No? Why would they?”

Like, no one knew what is was! So I went, “Okay then… I’m Diana Prince!”

Both: *laugh*

Diana Prince: And, at the time… So that would be ten years or more now… Like, nobody got it. Very few people knew the reference. And, when they did, we were like, “Yeah! Homies for LIFE! You’re also a comic nerd!”

Lauren: *giggles*

Diana Prince: Now… *laughs*

People are kind of annoyed, I guess? Some Wonder Woman fans are like, “You stole her name for porn! Blah blah blah!” And I’m like, “Meh. Whatever.” *laughs* It’s… It’s a TRIBUTE!

Diana Prince x2!
Diana Prince x2

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: And I actually got to tour DC Comics once! And I was afraid they were gonna… yell at me about it? *laughs*

But… But they were very nice! They were like, “No, we’re aware of you and we approve.”

Lauren: *laughs* Aww.

Diana Prince: And I was like, “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I can be the Wonder Woman of porn!”

Both: *laugh*

Lauren: Well, that’s very good. *laughs* I’m glad that they didn’t get angry with you or anything…

Diana Prince: ME TOO!

I was like, “My name’s KASEY!” Kasey’s my real name… And they were like, “Yeah. We know.”

Lauren: Yeah! And now you have, like, so many names! You’re Diana, you’re Darcy, you’re Kasey…

Diana Prince: Yeah! I don’t know why that’s so confusing to people!

Like… Kasey’s my real name. Diana was my stage name for porn but, because most people know me [under that name], I just keep it going.

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: I have more people in my life calling me Diana at this point than calling me Kasey. *laughs*

And then Darcy’s just a character!

So… I dunno. People find it confusing, but it makes sense to me!

Lauren: Yeah. I agree. It makes sense! It’s like… Diana is your professional name. Like some writers use pseudonyms! It’s just like… that’s the name people know you for, so that’s the name you use for doin’ business!

Diana Prince: Yeah! Like, I think if the internet wasn’t such a big thing…

Like, one of the first scenes I ever did…

Because I kind of had a talk show and stuff back then under my original name where I’d talk about comics and stuff. And I had a little bit of a following from that. And they knew [my real name] and so they USED that. Like, they IMMEDIATELY put out my real name! They were like, “Diana Prince… AKA Kasey Poteet!” Like IMMEDIATELY.

And, so, like, that was just out there forever!

But if it wasn’t the internet age, I think you could probably get away with just using your stage name more…?

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: But now everybody just knows everything!

Lauren: Yeah. Everybody’s diggin’ into all your business all the time… So you might as well be honest about it!

Diana Prince: Exactly! It’s like… I can’t hide anything! *laughs*

Is Diana trying to hide Nah Just goofing around on a MonsterMaskMonday

Lauren: But, yeah! Even though you’re using the name for different things now, it still… It suits you! Y’know? You’ve got the dark hair, you’ve got the eyes and everything. And you’re a strong lady!

Diana Prince: Thank you!

Lauren: And I think it’s just great that you’ve been so active in the horror community and just promoting, like, everyone…

Like even really small…

Like, HorrorFam.com will have been around for six months this month! In April. And we… We’re nobody, pretty much. At this point! But you have been ON IT! You were promoting us and you promote other independent creators!

Diana Prince: Aww! You’re definitely NOT “nobody.” And, I mean, the bigger sites get plenty of promotion! So, they don’t need me!

It’s the smaller people who’re TRYING and doing it because they LOVE it that need more attention!

Lauren: That’s how I feel!

Diana Prince: I’m happy to help! *laughs*

Lauren: That’s why I’m trying to talk to, like, all the… you know! The YouTubers and the indie film people and the other podcasters and…

And you!

I mean, like, Joe Bob is amazing and wonderful… But we all already KNOW that!

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: Let’s hear from Diana Prince! Let’s hear what SHE’S doing!

Diana Prince: Aww!

Lauren: Because she is ALSO doing amazing things for horror on her own!

Diana Prince: Thank you!!

Lauren: Do you have anything [else] you’d like to say or promote or…? *laughs*

Diana Prince: I don’t think so…? Like, I’m not a big promoter [of my own projects].

And, of course, the biggest thing right now is just getting The Last Drive-In out there! I’ll tell you that, like, this season we have some A-MAAAZ-ING guests!

And I had more say in the movies than I usually do ’cause I fight now! *giggles* I used to just be like, “Okay. Whatever you want to show…” But, now, I’m like, “NO!”

Both: *laugh*

Diana Price dressed as Tom Atkins in Halloween III
Diana dressed as Dr Challis Tom Atkins from <em>Halloween III Season of the Witch<em> to protest Joe Bobs refusal to show the film

Diana Prince: “We have THIS and you want to show THAT?! No!!”

And the very first episode has two guests… One that I fought very hard to get and they didn’t want to bring in because of the budget… So I actually PAID for them to come… *laughs*

Lauren: Oh, wow!

Diana Prince: …’cause I wanted to make sure they were a part of it!

And the second one is just someone I’ve admired and been a fan of forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver. So…just… I’m just PSYCHED! And I can’t wait so I can yell “WE HAVE THESE PEOPLE ON!!” *giggles*

Soooooo… That’s going to be super fun!

Lauren: Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… for the people who don’t already follow you: Where can people follow you so they can hear those announcements…?

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: Or…you know…READ those announcements! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Well, I’m mostly on Twitter and Instagram right now. Instagram is @DianaPrinceXO and Twitter is @Kinky_Horror.

Lauren: Okay! And your own website is Kinky Horror…

Diana Prince: Kinky Horror!

Lauren: …dot com.

Diana Prince: Yes!

Lauren: Oh, and… That’s… not always “safe for work,” People. So… *laughs*

Diana Prince: True. *giggles* Although more than it used to be! I need to bring more of the “kink” back!

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: For a while, it was WAY hardcore. And, actually, Joe Bob requested…

Because I wanted to still promote, you know, the porn industry and my friends… And he was like, “Could you tone it down just a little bit?” *laughs* And I was like, “Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay… *sigh* Gawwwwd…”

Lauren: I… I think it’s got a good balance right now…

Diana Prince: *laughs* Thank you…

Lauren: Because it’s kind of “wink wink” kinky… And you’re NUDE but you’re not doing anything LEWD. Y’know?

Diana Prince and Elvira two gals who love a good slightly naughty pun 😉

Diana Prince: Yeah. Like very much a… quality.

Like, I figure if you can show male boobs, girl boobs should be the same.

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: So I feel no shame in that and I will never ever pretend… Like, I hate censoring myself ever.

Lauren: Yeah. And, plus, there’s definitely, like, a context involved with nudity. Like, nudity isn’t always sexual…

Diana Prince: I agree!!

Lauren: Yeah.

Diana Prince: That bothers me!

Like, Snapchat used to be really cool about it, for example. I would be topless and just post goofy videos or whatever for… a quality. ‘Cause guys could be… And I could be…

And, in their little guidelines, it says “as long as it’s not sexual, nudity is okay.” So I’m like, “Cool! I’m only being topless. Just like dudes!”

But then they decided, “Nope! All FEMALE nudity is sexual.” And they’d just keep blocking me and blocking me. So, that’s one outlet I don’t really use anymore because of that. And that’s really annoying! Because it’s just not true that just because girls are topless that it’s automatically sexual.

Lauren: Yeah. It’s just like… All the statues are nude, but we don’t get… you know. We’re not doing “stuff” to that!

Diana Prince: It’s so weird!

Lauren: *laughs*

Diana Prince: I’ve been arrested for topless protesting and stuff…

And one of the ones that most pissed me off was when we were doing Boobs for Bombs back in, like…

Anyway! It was a while ago. *laughs*

And so, like, guys… We specifically had guys… We went out and had guys who were, like, heavy. So they’d have, like, C or D-cup boobs? *giggles* And we had very small-chested women…

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s cool. Like, everybody’s beautiful.

But they were [small-chested]! You know? Like A-cup or whatever! So… It’s like… They’d still arrest the A-cup women, but let the D-cup dudes… go!

And it’s like… How does that make ANY sense to you??

Like, literally, just because she’s a female! Like, what are…?! *exasperated sigh* I don’t know. It bothers me a lot.

So that’s why I’m very “free the nipple.” *chuckles*

Lauren: Yeah, but… Just to let people know: If you go to KinkyHorror.com

Diana Prince: You’ll see boobs! *laughs*

Lauren: …you’ll see boobs. But, you know, there’s nothing TOO scandalous goin’ on on there!

Diana Prince: *laughs*

Lauren: It’s just boobs. It’s cool. You’ll… You’ll be okay. I promise.

Both: *laugh*

Lauren: And… yeah! Just… Thank you SO much for coming on and talking and being so open and letting us know about the things you’ve been doing… And that you’re going to do… As much as you’re ALLOWED to talk about! *laughs*

Diana Prince: Well, thank you so much for having me! It’s been a pleasure chatting with you!

And KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING! You’re doing a great job!!

Lauren: Awww! Thank youuuuu! You toooooooooooo!

Both: *laugh*

Diana Prince: Thank you!!

Lauren: And, Everybody, go follow Diana at @Kinky_Horror on Twitter and @DianaPrinceXO on Instagram! She’s always talking to people and interacting with all of us. Let her know that you’re *audio glitch* [part of the Horror Fam] and the Mutant Fam…

Diana Prince: Heck yeah! Always trying to grow it! Bring more people in.

*audio cuts off*


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