Short answer: It’s a horror-focused blog, podcast, and community. Longer answer: Check our About page for the full story!
Have you ever watched Kitchen Nightmares? It’s not a horror show (despite having the word “nightmares” in its title), but there was a particularly memorable episode that focused on the owner of “Cafe Hon.” This daft woman thought it was a swell idea to trademark the word “hon” and ended up at war with the entire city of Baltimore. She’d claimed ownership over a cultural term that belonged to everyone! We didn’t want to make that mistake. We do not own the term “HorrorFam” — it belongs to ALL of us! But we DO own “HorrorFam.com,” and brand ourselves thusly.
Okay, okay. As of this writing, we’ve had to pay for nearly everything out of our own pockets. However, we do have three things in place to potentially earn income: we sell merchandise + affiliate products, we accept PayPal donations, and we have a Patreon page. Our Patreon page details exactly how much (potential) income we could earn from these efforts...
Yes, they do! You can read about our official "fam" members on the Meet the Monsters page. 🙂
Probably! If you contact us, we’ll most likely hook you up. As a general rule, we’re fine with anyone using our stuff so long as they link back to HorrorFam.com and don’t SELL whatever they’re using. Bonus karma points if you also give credit to the artist, Heather Landry! 😊 Additionally, we can help you out if you REALLY want a HorrorFam.com t-shirt, but can’t find your size on Society6 or Redbubble. All three of HorrorFam.com’s “core” team are (very) plus-sized and so they know your pain and can def point you in the right direction.
We try to be very careful with our blog post images and follow the USA's "fair use" guidelines. However, if we've done something wrong and you have a legitimate complaint/concern, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We have a link to it in our footer area and there SHOULD be a link to it in our GDPR Cookie Compliance Banner unless it glitched. Or, you can access it directly here: https://horrorfam.com/privacy-policy/
Send Lauren an email at lauren@horrorfam.com or DM her on Twitter (@LoveHorrorFam)!
The HorrorFam.com Podcast can be found on HorrorFam.com (click the Podcasts tab!) with FULL written transcripts for each episode. Additionally, it's immediately available on Podbean, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio. It's also uploaded on YouTube, but the episodes always show up a week late on there for some reason and it drives us crazy.
We upload a written (blog) post every Tuesday and a podcast episode every Saturday! Sometimes we upload them a little "late" on those days, but we let readers/listeners know on Twitter if/when that's going to happen so they don't worry about us and/or waste their day refreshing our homepage.
Oh no! We tried to explain that as best we could on our podcast page, but here's some additional information: The HorrorFam.com Podcast is hosted by Lauren Spear — original founder/Head Editor of HorrorFam.com. The podcast's episodes, as well as the articles we publish, are nostalgia-soaked "family-friendly" looks at various topics within the horror genre. Well, HORROR family friendly, at least. (That said, we keep things PG13 so younger listeners or listeners who don't own headphones can tune in without worrying about getting the hairy eyeball from their housemates!). We're generally upbeat and positive, spreading love and good vibes via monsters, slashers, and other assorted horror-focused weirdness. Real-life horrors are terrible (obviously), but the horror genre — with its multitude of amazing films, shows, books, video games, art, and incredibly talented creative individuals — can be both powerful and uplifting. Or, at the very least, highly entertaining (which is also good for overall morale, in our opinion!). We hope you leave each episode with a smile, remembering why you fell in love with horror in the first place.
Oh no!! That's no good. Feel free to contact Lauren at lauren@horrorfam.com or DM her on Twitter (@LoveHorrorFam) and she'll make sure your question's answered!

HorrorFam.com Writers FAQ

Read through our super long guidelines and then use the handy-dandy submission form at the bottom of the guidelines’ page.
Think of your guest post/article as a very short “book.” The “headers” would be the titles for each of your book’s “chapters.” 🙂 Basically, headers are the slightly-larger-than-paragraph-sized text that appear in blog posts before each new section/segment of information/body text. They help spice up your article visually and, more importantly, break up your writing so it’s easier to read.
Online writing (and reading!) is different than traditional/print writing (and reading!). It’s MUCH harder on the eyes. In order to combat potential eyestrain in online readers, online writers use lil baby paragraphs. This breaks up massive blocks of text (“Ow! My eyes!!”) into easy-to-read chunks.
Technically speaking, a paragraph is any chunk of text that’s two (2) sentences or longer. If your thought is finished after two (2) sentences, then that’s a lovely short paragraph! If you need a little bit more room to finish that paragraph’s “thought,” try to keep it under five (5) sentences. If you’ve written over five (5) sentences, try to find a logical place to “break” that paragraph up into a new thought.
Please don’t stress. Writing for HorrorFam.com should, first and foremost, be FUN! The formatting matters far less than the actual content/idea you submit, promise. If your paragraphs are too long, or if you don’t include headers, but your article/idea is still amazing, then the editors will help you out. That’s what we do. 🙂
Sure! You can send your article (or pitch your article idea!) directly to Lauren Spear, HorrorFam.com’s Head Editor by copy/pasting her email address (lauren@horrorfam.com — same as using the form, but manual) or by hitting her up in a DM on Twitter (@LoveHorrorFam).
Not for the blog, no. However, you can contact us about your fiction project if you think it'd be of interest to our readers/listeners. Maybe we could interview you about it!
You’re going to have to use your best judgment. In a way, we’re ALL writing about the “same” subject (horror); however, each submitted piece is different because WE are all different. If someone already tackled a similar (or “same”) subject to what you’re planning to write, ask yourself this: “Do I have something new/different to say?” If the answer is “yes,” then submit it anyway. There’s a good chance we’ll accept. If you don’t have something new/different to say about the topic, you’ll have to choose another topic.
Sure! We didn’t pay you for it, so we can’t REALLY claim “ownership” of it. The rights to the piece belong to you, and you can do whatever you like with it. However, we’d think you were extra super-duper cool if you included a note that stated “This article was originally published on HorrorFam.com” when you reprint your article elsewhere. ♥