HorrorFam.com Writers FAQ

Read through our super long guidelines and then use the handy-dandy submission form at the bottom of the guidelines’ page.
Think of your guest post/article as a very short “book.” The “headers” would be the titles for each of your book’s “chapters.” 🙂 Basically, headers are the slightly-larger-than-paragraph-sized text that appear in blog posts before each new section/segment of information/body text. They help spice up your article visually and, more importantly, break up your writing so it’s easier to read.
Online writing (and reading!) is different than traditional/print writing (and reading!). It’s MUCH harder on the eyes. In order to combat potential eyestrain in online readers, online writers use lil baby paragraphs. This breaks up massive blocks of text (“Ow! My eyes!!”) into easy-to-read chunks.
Technically speaking, a paragraph is any chunk of text that’s two (2) sentences or longer. If your thought is finished after two (2) sentences, then that’s a lovely short paragraph! If you need a little bit more room to finish that paragraph’s “thought,” try to keep it under five (5) sentences. If you’ve written over five (5) sentences, try to find a logical place to “break” that paragraph up into a new thought.
Please don’t stress. Writing for HorrorFam.com should, first and foremost, be FUN! The formatting matters far less than the actual content/idea you submit, promise. If your paragraphs are too long, or if you don’t include headers, but your article/idea is still amazing, then the editors will help you out. That’s what we do. 🙂
Sure! You can send your article (or pitch your article idea!) directly to Lauren Spear, HorrorFam.com’s Head Editor by copy/pasting her email address ([email protected] — same as using the form, but manual) or by hitting her up in a DM on Twitter (@LoveHorrorFam).
Not for the blog, no. However, you can contact us about your fiction project if you think it'd be of interest to our readers/listeners. Maybe we could interview you about it!
You’re going to have to use your best judgment. In a way, we’re ALL writing about the “same” subject (horror); however, each submitted piece is different because WE are all different. If someone already tackled a similar (or “same”) subject to what you’re planning to write, ask yourself this: “Do I have something new/different to say?” If the answer is “yes,” then submit it anyway. There’s a good chance we’ll accept. If you don’t have something new/different to say about the topic, you’ll have to choose another topic.
Sure! We didn’t pay you for it, so we can’t REALLY claim “ownership” of it. The rights to the piece belong to you, and you can do whatever you like with it. However, we’d think you were extra super-duper cool if you included a note that stated “This article was originally published on HorrorFam.com” when you reprint your article elsewhere. ♥