As the pandemic lockdown continues, canceling theater releases and parades, Lauren Spear decided the horror community will NOT have a sucky boring month of June! Tune in to hear her suggestions for how to turn EVERY day of June into a fun, horror-lovin’ celebration!

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FULL Written Transcript (with Images!):

*Intro music from*

Lauren Spear: Hi, Everyone! My name is Lauren Spear and you’re listening to the Podcast!

Today, my guest is… Me! *laughs*

I’m doing something a little different this week, but I think it’ll be fun. We have more guests coming soon, including the return of my Dad — horror FX artist, Robert Tharp — but scheduling guests has been a little weird lately because 2020 itself has been pretty weird.

And that’s actually a big part of why I’m doing this solo episode! In a couple days, it’s going to be JUNE! June 2020. And, normally, June is the month where a lot of us head to our local theaters and catch the new releases. But, uh… That’s obviously not happening in 2020.

And June is also known as Gay Pride Month, but no one’s going out and having parades this year either…

So, what the heck are we all supposed to do in June now? Right? Like, the next “major” holiday isn’t until July! Is June just doomed to be sucky and boring?

I refuse to have a sucky boring June. Not even in 2020! So, that’s where I’m going with this episode: Making June 2020 fun!

I went to and looked up some of the lesser-known June “holidays.” And… there are quite a LOT of ‘em. Looks like there’s one for EVERY day in June, actually!

So, I’m just going to sit here and scroll through the list of obscure June holidays and name off horror movies we could potentially all watch to celebrate. You might hear some mouse clicks as I’m going through the list. I’ll try to edit them out; but, if I miss some, forgive me.

I’m just sitting here on the website going through these. *laughs* Soooooooooooooo… Let’s do this! Let’s see what horror-related fun June has to offer us this year!

Okay, so, on the HolidayInsights page, it says that the first week of June is National Gardening Week. So that’s cool. I mean, I wrote a post on a few weeks ago about garden horrors. So, if you wanna check that out and embrace the “gardening” theme — and learn some cool facts about bugs and stuff — check out the horror films I recommended on there.

But, let’s see, days… days… Here we go!

June 1st

Flip a Coin Day

Zotz! movie poster
My nicknames <a href=httpslittlezotzcom target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Little Zotz<a>

The first movie I thought of, that focuses on a coin, is William Castle’s ZOTZ! That movie holds a special place in my heart. But…hmmm… It’s not a horror movie. It’s more of a comedy with fantasy elements.

Coins… Well, The Bye-Bye Man with Doug Jones featured coins pretty prominently. Coins appearing were, like, one of the omens to look out for. But I don’t think I can actually recommend that movie unless, um, you had a few friends to watch it with you. *sheepish laugh*

Okay. How about, for Flip a Coin Day, you grab two horror movies off of your shelf — or select two potential movie watches from a streaming service — and just literally flip a coin to decide which one you watch!

I actually do that fairly often anyway. There was a Carl Barks’ comic from way back about the idea of “flipism” and using coin-flipping to make decisions and I was quite taken with that idea as a kid. Still am! *laughs* So… yeah! Just flip a coin!

Next up…

June 2nd

National Bubba Day

Bubba Sawyer AKA Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Hes SUPER excited about National Bubba Day

Really? Huh.

Oh! Well… *chuckles* That’s funny. When you click the link for National Bubba Day on the HolidayInsights page, they’re like “We have no idea what’s up with this holiday or how it originated.” *laughs* Apparently it goes back to 2011…

Well, how about watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies? Leatherface’s real name is Bubba Sawyer. Which surprised me when I first heard it. But then I felt dumb because, duh — no mom, no matter how strange, is going to name her baby LEATHERFACE.

You could also try playing as Bubba in the video game Dead by Daylight.

June 3rd

Repeat Day

Scene from Groundhog Day where Bill Murry is drinking straight out of a coffee pot
Are we absolutely sure <em>Groundhog Day<em> isnt a horror movie

Oh wow. Okay. The first movie I thought of was Groundhog Day. But that’s supposedly not a horror movie. *laughs* I don’t know though. That situation seemed pretty horrifying to ME! But… Let’s see…

Well, they aren’t movies, but… I recently started watching Supernatural with my husband and…

Oh! Side note: No one send me spoilers, okay? I seriously just started a few weeks ago and it’s all new to me and I’m having a lot of fun! So, don’t spoil [Supernatural] for me.

Anyway, in Season 3 of Supernatural there’s an episode called “Mystery Spot” where things repeat for one of the characters. And it’s SO much fun. So, check that out!

There’s also an episode of The X-Files with that theme as well. Um… I think it’s in season… I wanna say season six? It’s been a couple years now. Anyway, the episode “Monday” (Or was it “Mondays?”) of The X-Files also has that Groundhog Day repeating things theme.

Or, I guess, you could just pick one of your favorite horror movies off your shelf and watch it twice in a row! *laughs* Up to you. 

June 4th

Hug Your Cat Day

Ripley holding Jonesy in Alien
Jonesy the hero in <em>Alien<em> Oh and Ripleys in the photo too

Okay. This one seems a little silly because, like, isn’t that EVERY day? *laughs* What cat owner isn’t boo-booing their kitty babies every day? That’s kinda silly.

But it’s a good excuse to watch horror movies with cats in ‘em, I guess!

Which is… wow. Okay. My brain just kind of overloaded because cats turn up in a LOT of horror movies. Even if they’re just used for jump scares. But, let’s see… Cats. Horror movie cats in a prominent role…

Oh! Duh! Jonesy, the hero of Alien! He even returns for a cameo in Aliens. Jonesy’s totally a huggable horror movie cat for Hug Your Cat Day.

And Hellboy always had a bunch of kitties runnin’ around. I really like the first Hellboy movie.

And then there’s that cat in Ghost who helps Patrick Swayze keep Demi Moore from getting murdered. He could probably use a hug.

And then Coraline is guided around by a cat in Coraline. That might be a good choice if you have kids or just want something a little lighter.

Constantine uses a cat pretty prominently in the movie Constantine. And then there’s Binx in Hocus Pocus but he’s not really a cat… he’s a boy who’s been turned into a cat. Kinda like Salem in Sabrina. But that could count, if you want it to, I guess.

There’s also The Black Cat if you wanna go really old-school. And there’s Church in Pet Semetary and the cat in Hausu. And the cat from Re-Animator! *laughs* Things don’t go well for most of those cats, but maybe that makes them even more in need of a hug?

Oh, and… *laughs* there’s the hilarious “Cat from Hell” segment in Tales from the Darkside: The Movie where Buster Poindexter plays a hitman who’s hired to take out a cat.

Lots of cat movies!

Um… It says here that June 4th is also National Cheese Day. Which I’m kind of bitter about because, when I turned 30, my body decided it was no longer going to digest cheese. But, if you’re able to eat cheese, you can make a cheese tray or something to eat while you watch some cat movies.

Next up is…

June 5th

National Doughnut Day

Cooper and Truman in Twin Peaks. And a lot of doughnuts!
Thats a lot of doughnuts

All right. Seems like a good day to rewatch some of your favorite episodes of Twin Peaks!

It’s also National Hot Air Balloon Day, apparently. The only thing I can think of is Mysterious Island. That serialized thing from way back in the day… But I’m not sure if that’s widely available. And doughnuts seem a bit more appealing than hot air balloons. (I’m afraid of heights). Soooo… Twin Peaks!

Next, we’ve got…

June 6

World War II D-Day

Nazi zombies in Dead Snow
Is this image inappropriate Im kinda torn I wanted to have a fun horror image for each day but I also wanna be respectful

Oh man. Okay… Dang. World War II isn’t exactly…uh… fun. But let’s see here…

There’s a lot of great movies about WWII, but they aren’t horror movies. Well, other than portraying real-life horrors, obviously. But… hmm.

Well, I heard Overlord was good, but I haven’t seen it myself yet. And then Hellboy from 2004 starts out in 1944 during World War II. And the first Puppet Master movie starts out in 1939 or 1940 and the whole series has Nazis and stuff. And the Dead Snow movies too.

I dunno…

If you have any relatives who fought… give thanks. Both of my grandfathers served during World War II, but they’re long gone now…

Let’s see if June 7th is a bit more cheery…

June 7th


Image of characters in The Ring admiring a VHS tape
I still think of <em>The Ring<em> as a new movie I feel old now

Oh! Okay. That is more fun!

Well… you know. Rock ‘em if you got ‘em! If you still have a VCR at home, watch some of your favorite VHS tapes!

You could also watch The Ring. Which is kinda dated now, I guess, but a VHS tape plays a prominent role in that. You could also watch the VHS movie series, if you want to.

Or, if you’re an old-timer like I am now, you could watch the first movie you ever got on VHS. Like, even if you don’t actually own the tape anymore, the movie itself might be up on Netflix or Hulu or something! That sounds like a pretty good time, honestly. I might do that.

June 8th

Best Friends Day

JC and Chris in Night of the Creeps
Best bros

Aww. That’s cute! If it’s safe, maybe you could have your best friend over for a movie-watching session. Sit six-feet apart, I guess, and just laugh it up watching some of your faves.

I’m married to my best friend, so I guess I lucked out there.

For horror movies featuring best friends… I really love Night of the Creeps. Chris and JC* are adorable best friends. And I love the group of best buddies in The Monster Squad too.

[*Note: I accidentally wiggled my mic a little hard and unplugged it for a sec and my terrible computer mic picked up the audio just for their names! I tried to fix it but it still sounds really weird. D: I’m sorry!]

June 8th is also “Name Your Poison” Day. The little entry here says it usually refers to alcohol — like, as an excuse to get drunk — but it can also be broadened to choosing anything that’s “poison” to you. (Within reason, I would think!). So… I dunno. Maybe I’ll give in and have a slice of cheese that day or something while I watch Night of the Creeps with Frank. *laughs* I’d probably regret it if I did though!

And then…

June 9th

Donald Duck Day

Donald Duck as The Thing from Another World
The DUCK from Another World painting I did back in 2008

Oh wow! Seriously?? How did I not know about this?

Okay. So. In addition to being a horror fan, I’m also a huge Duck fan. Going way back. Like… Duck comics are how I learned how to read, basically. Carl Barks and Don Rosa… They’re the best! One of my favorite books of all time is Don Rosa’s The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck! And I did a painting back in 2008 of Donald Duck as The Thing from Another World!

If you own a copy, or can find it floating around on YouTube, watch the Donald Duck Halloween cartoon from the ‘50s. It’s called “Trick or Treat” and I think it came out in 1952. It’s only a few minutes long, but it’s really cute. And I love the song in it. It always gets me in the mood for Halloween.

And June 9th… We’d be getting there at that point, huh? It’d be like — what? — 140-something days until Halloween? 143? 144? Something like that! A nice summertime reminder that we have something cool to look forward to coming up!

Actually, we have a guest post by Aurora Smith going up on June 9th about how we can “save” Halloween in 2020! So that’s pretty neat! *laughs* That worked out. Wow. Go check that out too when June 9th rolls around! On!

June 10th

Ballpoint Pen Day

Cillian Murphy being menacing in Red Eye
Hes gonna be sorry when she gets her hands on that ballpoint pen

I’m gonna go with Red Eye for this one! It’s a thriller by Wes Craven. Some people say it’s not a horror movie, but… I dunno. I think it is. It’s like a horror-thriller! The plot’s pretty horrifying to ME, so I’m gonna count it.

And, more importantly, a ballpoint pen plays a big part in Red Eye.

Plus, the pen had, like, a lil monster on the top. If I remember right, it had a little cartoony Frankenstein’s monster as a pen topper… So, yeah! Good ballpoint pen movie! *laughs*

June 11th

National Corn on the Cob Day

Weird cat thing in Sleepwallkers
I didnt want to spoil the corn on the cob scene for anyone who hasnt seen it yet So heres one of the weird cat things from <em>Sleepwalkers<em> instead

Okay. *laughs* If you haven’t seen it yet, or simply want to relive it: There’s a great scene involving a corn on the cob in the movie Sleepwalkers. It’s one of the funniest horror movie death scenes ever.

Speaking of funny stuff and Sleepwalkers… When I was little, I used to have a sleepwalking problem myself. And, one time, when I was seven or eight I walked out into the living room and my dad was watching Sleepwalkers and I regained consciousness just enough to see Shelly from Twin Peaks dancing around to The Contours “Do You Love Me?” and then I guess my dad managed to convince Sleep Me to go back to bed.

Anyway, for YEARS, I thought that scene was just a weird dream I’d had. So, when I finally watched Sleepwalkers when I was in my twenties I was like “OH MY GOSH! That was REAL?!” and I was so happy to have finally found that scene, even if the movie itself was… *laughs* Well, it’s not the best, let’s say.

Fortunately, I don’t sleepwalk anymore. But I still talk in my sleep. Like… every night. Thank goodness my husband thinks it’s amusing… He keeps a journal of some of the crazier things I sleep ramble about.

*confused noise* W-where was I?

Oh right. June 11th! Corn on the Cob Day!

Oh! You could also watch Secret Window. I wrote about that movie a couple weeks ago, too, actually. It’s mostly just Johnny Depp taking naps. But it also has corn on the cob as a major plot point! So maybe you can watch that one too.

June 12th

National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

Plate full of peanut butter cookies
Im more into salty than sweet but those cookies <em>do<em> look pretty good | Image by <a href=httpspixabaycomusersckramercoaching 1150337utm source=link attributionutm medium=referralutm campaign=imageutm content=1164861 target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Christine Kramer<a> from <a href=httpspixabaycomutm source=link attributionutm medium=referralutm campaign=imageutm content=1164861 target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Pixabay<a>

Ooh! My husband’s going to like that one. Peanut butter cookies — and pretty much peanut butter ANYthing — are his favorite.

Jeez though. What’s a horror movie that involves peanut butter cookies?

Well… Some of my Canadian friends told me about a kids’ fantasy movie they watched that terrified them. The Peanut Butter Situation? The Peanut Butter Solution? Something like that. I guess it’s about a little kid who uses peanut butter to get his hair to grow longer, but it doesn’t go quite right… And I think there were ghosts involved in some capacity? And someone trying to steal the kid’s hair for some reason…?

I’m not sure if that one’s available in the US or not though. And my friends were pretty freaked out so I dunno… *laughs* Maybe just watch what you wanna watch and eat some peanut butter cookies.

June 13th

Sewing Machine Day

Knitting needles scene from The Old Dark House
Er spoilers from 1963

Oh wow. Another tough one. Hmm.

Sewing machines seem to turn up in the background in horror movies for atmosphere as creepy props pretty often. And I think I remember a scene where Regan’s mom is using a sewing machine in The Exorcist

But what’s a horror movie that really features a sewing machine prominently?

Jeez. All I can think of is knitting, honestly. There’s a scene in the 1960’s movie The Old Dark House that involves knitting needles. And there’s the knitting robot in Halloween III!

And there’s a Twitter account I follow — Tales from the Stitch — run by a gal who does AMAZING crochet versions of characters from horror movies! Absolutely amazing. If I’m ever flush enough, financially, I really wanna get one of her dolls. She’s so talented!

But, again, that’s crochet. Not a sewing machine, so… Hmm.

I’m…I’m stumped on this one! If YOU can think of a good horror movie that prominently features a sewing machine, please, let me know. I’m gonna check out the next date on here…

June 14th

Monkey Around Day

Donald Pleasence making faces at the chimp in Phenomena
Whatever Donald Pleasence was paid to get that close to a chimp it wasnt enough

Okay… uh… I know that they mean “monkeying around” like goofing off and stuff… But I got really hung up on the word “monkey” just now and… uh…

Chimps REALLY freak me out. And most monkeys. I’m cool with gorillas. But chimps are just… No. No, thank you.

You can watch pretty much anything — horror movie, nature show, whatever — with primates and it’ll be horrifying. Yeah…

So, um, skip…?

June 15th

Smile Power Day

Mr. Sardonicus
Smile and the world smiles with you right

Okay! Really powerful smiles.

I’m gonna go with William Castle’s Mr. Sardonicus for this one. He had quite the grin!

You can also watch episodes of Welcome to the Horror Show on Instagram. It’s a horror anthology IGTV series and the host has a very powerful smile! *giggles* Very similar to Mr. Sardonicus!

June 16th

Fresh Veggies Day

The Thing from Another World
Heres what the Thing usually looks like when hes not Donald Duck

Oh, that’s nice. Fresh vegetables are good for you. Kinda goes with June being a “gardening” month, I guess, huh?

For horror movies with fresh vegetables…

Well, I’ll probably watch Little Shop of Horrors (1986 version) for the zillionth time. There’s the “This is between me and the vegetable!” line in there. I guess that’s kind of a thin connection, but it works for me…

Invasion of the Body Snatchers kinda works too.

Oh! And the “million-dollar question” in The Thing from Another World: “What do you do with a vegetable?” The 1982 remake was obviously very different, but the original “Thing” was basically just a walking veggie monster. So… there’s that!

June 17th

Eat Your Vegetables Day

The Quarantine Cookbook cover
I couldnt find a good horror movieshow image for this section so Just as a reminder if you need some cooking recipes for delicious veggies perhaps you can <a href=httpshorrorfamcomquarantine cookbook>grab <em>The Quarantine Cookbook<em> for FREE<a>

Oh wow. Really? Two vegetable-focused “holidays” in a row? Okay…

Oh man. This is rough.

*laughs* All I can think of is the Count Duckula cartoons from when I was a kid! About the vegetarian vampire duck! And, honestly, the best thing about that was its theme song. Maybe find the theme song to Count Duckula and rock out to it on June 17th?

Or, I guess, you could re-read the Bunnicula books!

The vampires in The Sims 3 “Late Night” and “Supernatural” expansion packs had the option to be vegetarian. You could have your vampire Sim feast on humans or eat “plasma” fruit. The fruit kinda looked like pomegranates — which is what one of our mascots, ‘Tea, the vampire witch, eats.

I’m not really sure! But you should eat your vegetables every day, really. Maybe make yourself a veggie plate and some dip or something while you watch some horror movies.

June 18th

Nursing Assistants Day

Nurse Alex in An American Werewolf in London
One of the few horror movie characters who <em>doesnt<em> look totally creepy peepin through window blinds

Ohhh! That’s really nice. Especially with everything that’s been going on this year, y’know? Shoutout to all the nurses who’re working so hard!

Let’s see… The main gal, Alex, in An American Werewolf in London is a nurse. She’s pretty adorable.

And… oh! Wasn’t Annie training to be a nurse as, like, her day-job in Misery? That’s probably not the best example though. Or maybe it is! I dunno! *laughs* Be nice to nurses or they might maim you!!

I’m just kidding about that last part. Though you should be nice to healthcare workers in general. They work REALLY hard!

As a side note, June 18th is also my parents’ wedding anniversary. So that’s nice, I think! This year it’ll be… Let’s see… I’m 35. So this year will be 37 years of my parents being married to each other. Good for them!

But I’m getting distracted again. *laughs* Next day is…

June 19th

National Kissing Day

Gomez giving Morticia all kinds of smooches!
She mustve said something French

Ooooh! That’s a nice one!

I’ll probably watch episodes of The Addams Family TV show. Gomez was always giving Morticia all kinds of smooches!

The Addams Family movies would work well too. Lots of kissing action in those as well.

June 20th

Ice Cream Soda Day

Man drowning in worms in Squirm
If this doesnt get you in the mood for an ice cream soda I dont know what will

Oh man. Okay. It’s not quite an ice cream soda, but there’s a scene in the movie Squirm that features an egg cream…

My Dad and I have watched the movie Squirm together several times. The original version — without the MST3K crew to help us out! And, one time, when I was around fifteen or so, we were like, “Let’s REALLY get into it this time. Let’s make that drink he orders in the movie and drink it while we watch!”

*laughs* Okay. Um… I don’t know why the dude in Squirm was so hype to have an egg cream because we made one and it’s pretty gross. And it honestly doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It doesn’t have cream or eggs in it, for one thing!

An egg cream is carbonated water, milk, and chocolate syrup. Dad and I got maybe halfway through the ones we made for ourselves and were like… “This is gross.” *laughs*

So, I guess you can watch Squirm for June 20th but do yourself a favor and make yourself a REAL ice cream soda. And then be grateful that you’ve got a tasty drink instead of an egg cream.

June 21st

Father’s Day

Heres an old pic of my dad and me goofing around in some spare appliance pieces from when he and Mom were working on the <em>Alien Nation<em> TV show

Watch whatever your dad wants! Or, if you’re a dad, you can take control of the remote today!

June 22nd

World Rainforest Day

Humans in a tropical jungle in Predator
Pretty sure thats a rainforest theyre in
The alien from Predator
Bonus pic Because how cool is that alien costume right <a href=httpshorrorfamcomlove practical fx>Great FX<a>

Oh. That’s interesting! Hmm.

Maybe the Predator movies…?

In the first Predator movie, they’re in a jungle in Central America. That’s a rainforest, right?

I feel kinda dumb now… I’m pretty sure that was a rainforest though! I’m going to have to look up what technically classifies an area as a legitimate “rainforest” after this is over! *embarrassed laugh*

Anyway, I’m pretty sure the first Predator movie takes place in a rainforest. And, even if it doesn’t, it’s a lot of fun. Give it a re-watch!

June 23rd

International Widows Day

The mom from The Babadook
The mom from <em>The Babadook<em>

Oh wow. That one’s kind of a bummer, huh? Losing your spouse…

Well, a lot of horror movie characters are widowers. There’s Frank Bannister in The Frighteners. The dad in Signs is a widower. And the pastor whose family is taken on a wacky adventure with the Gecko Brothers in From Dusk Till Dawn was a widower, right? Wasn’t that why he was struggling to maintain his faith…? (I’m going to have to watch that again now! Jeez…).

For female widows… The mom in The Babadook stands out. And since June is also Gay Pride Month, and the title monster became a gay icon for some reason, you could celebrate two June things with that one!

June 23rd is also my friend Lenny’s birthday and he listens to this podcast so shoutout to Lenny, I guess! Sorry your birthday’s on Widows Day, Man. My other June birthday friends — Prisma, Ray, Nicole… — kinda lucked out in that regard. They got Repeat Day, one of the vegetable ones, and something else fun. *laughs* So sorry, Man. But thank you for tuning in! And to everyone else listening who’s made it this far in!!

We’re almost to the end of June now!

June 24th

International Fairy Day

Tooth Fairy from Darkness Falls
This Tooth Fairy design isnt in the final version of <em>Darkness Falls<em> but its dang cool

Well, there’s a ton of horror movies based on fairytales. But actual fairies…? That’s tough.

The 2003 movie Darkness Falls had the tooth fairy as the main monster. I guess that counts.

Steve Wang created a really nice design for the monster tooth fairy for that movie! And MacFarlane Toys did a great action figure based off his design. But isn’t actually featured in the movie so that was disappointing. But you can still watch it, I guess.

Actually, if you can think of a better horror movie featuring fairies, let me know! I’m sure there must be one…


June 25th

Log Cabin Day

Log cabin in Evil Dead II
In elementary school when they told us President Lincoln grew up in a log cabin this was basically what I pictured

Finally! An easy one!!

Re-watch Evil Dead II. Best horror movie with a log cabin! So much fun.

Cabin in the Woods is great too.

June 26th

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Nanook and Sam in The Lost Boys
Nanook and Sam in <em>The Lost Boys<em>

Really? That’s a thing? Does anyone actually do that…?

Well, I guess, this year, no one’s doing that. But, like, normally…? It says here that the first Friday after Father’s Day is always “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” but I’ve never heard of anyone doing that!

Oh well. Whatever. Let’s see… Dogs… Horror movie dogs…

Cujo. The Thing. Man’s Best Friend.

But those aren’t really dogs you’d want to take to work with you! *laughs* Or, at least, I hope not!

Let’s see…

Well, there’s Thor, the dog in Bad Moon. He was a good dog. Hero of the movie — and the book it’s based on!

And there’s Nanook in The Lost Boys, of course.

Oh!! And the dog in Gremlins! What was his name? Barney? He was super cute! Like… why do you need Gizmo as a pet when you’ve already got such a nice dog waiting at home? That dog was so expressive, too! Really good actor!

Lots of good dogs in horror movies. But things don’t always go well for dogs in horror movies — like in I am Legend or Simon Says — and that bums me out. I really don’t like it when animals get hurt. It’s too sad.

Let’s see though. Home stretch!

June 27th

Sun Glasses Day

Kids in elementary school used to insist the bubblegum quote originated from <em>Duke Nukem<em> and Id get kinda grumpy about it but <em>They Live<em> wasnt widely available at the time so I couldnt prove them wrong

Easy. Just re-watch They Live!

Or you can watch The Invisible Man from 1933. Claude Rains is rocking some amazing shades for most of that movie as well.

June 28th

International Body Piercing Day

Zombie Julie in Return of the Living Dead 3
Im not super into piercings but Zombie Julies eyeliner is def on point

Really? International? Okay.

Well, I guess you could watch Return of the Living Dead 3? The main character in that ends up with several body piercings by the end of the movie…

June 29th

International Mud Day

Muddy buddies in Drag Me to Hell
<em>Drag Me to Hell<em>s muddy buddies

*laughs* International Mud Day! So… WORLDWIDE folks are going to celebrate mud today! Okay!

Well, there’s a horror movie literally called Mud from a couple years ago. And the title definitely caught my attention, but I haven’t seen it yet. Same for The Lighthouse from last year… I haven’t seen it yet, but I remember some news articles floating around about the actors having to eat mud or something.

Oh, and there was a mud monster in the movie The Brother’s Grimm! *laughs* I don’t remember much else about that movie, actually! But I remember the mud monster because I saw the movie in theaters and it was almost scary because the scene starts with a little kid losing his face… Like, blank spots where his facial features were, y’know? And that could’ve been unnerving. But then this goofy-lookin’ CGI mud monster comes flopping out and… *laughs* I just lost it in the theater! I couldn’t help it! Everyone in the village is running around screaming and shooting and I was just sitting there with a massive fit of the giggles…

Anyway. MUD! Good horror movie mud scenes!

Mud plays an important role in Predator, of course. So if you skipped it for Rainforest Day, you can watch it for Mud Day.

And Drag Me to Hell has a great mud scene! And the family in Poltergeist gets pretty soaked with mud. Of the two, I prefer Drag Me to Hell, but that’s up to you.

Snake squeezing a dude in Anaconda
Scene from <em>Anaconda<em> or photo of my husband hugging me too hard after Ive just eaten a large meal You decide

Oh! And June 29th is also National Hug Day! So maybe you can watch Anaconda? *laughs* Muddy people getting “hugged” by a giant snake! Two for one!

Oh man… Okay! Last one!

June 30th

Meteor Day

lobby card from The Day of the Triffids
Sometimes called <em>Invasion of the Triffids<em>

Meteors… Meteor horror movies…

Of course, the first movie I thought of was Night of the Comet. But that’s not a meteor. It’s a comet. Obviously.

I hate my brain sometimes.

Let’s see…

Oh! Duh! The Blob! You can watch the original or The Blob from 1988 that my dad worked on. That has a meteor in it.

The movie version of Color Out of Space from last year is supposed to be really good. That should have a meteor in it! I think that’s streaming on a few places now, I should watch that soon…

You could also watch “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” segment in Creepshow.

Or Slither.

If you didn’t watch it for Best Friends Day, you could watch Night of the Creeps

Oh! If you want an old horror movie that makes good use of a meteor, check out Day of the Triffids! Classic.

And… Yep. Only 30 days in June! So, I guess that’s it! *laughs* I hope this was helpful and that you have a great June this year!

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Thank you SO much for listening to this week’s episode of the Podcast! I’m Lauren Spear and I’ll be back NEXT Saturday with another episode of horror-related fun!

Until then: Buh-bye!

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