Are these Valentine’s Day horror movies the most romantic horror movies? No, not really. But are they all fun to watch? You betcha! And are they all horror films that take place on Valentine’s Day? Hell yeah!

Whether you’re celebrating V-day with a horror lovin’ sweetie or your horror lovin’ self, these five Valentine’s Day horror movies will ensure you have a festive – and thrilling! – night in.

Valentine (2001)

Valentine 2001 poster

A group of former Mean Girls finds their past catching up with them as they receive threatening Valentine’s Day cards and are systematically targeted by a killer in a Cupid mask in Valentine (2001). As the suspense builds, the movie delves into the characters’ past connections and the consequences of their teenage selves’ actions.

More importantly, Valentine (2001) is a Valentine’s Day-themed thriller that not only keeps you guessing but also lets you enjoy some of the hottest eye candy of the late ’90s and early 2000s: Young David Boreanez (Buffy), Denise Richards (Wild Things), Katherine Heigl (Roswell), and Marley Shelton (Scream franchise, Grindhouse).

It’s the perfect mix of mystery and horror, making it a great choice for an exciting date night with someone special. Alternatively, if you’re flying solo, it promises a fun ride filled with surprises, ensuring that your Valentine’s Day is anything but boring!

Pontypool (2009)


While some find Pontypool memorable for being a snowed-in zombie film, I’d like to highlight a different aspect: It’s a man and two lovely ladies working together to survive an apocalypse on Valentine’s Day!

DJ Grant Mazzy, his producer, and a tech assistant become entangled in a mysterious zombie-like outbreak that leaves them trapped in their radio station. As the trio broadcasts the unfolding crisis, they realize just how much power their words hold – in more ways than one. Pontypool explores the psychological horror of language itself becoming a vector for a deadly epidemic, leading to a tense and claustrophobic narrative within the confines of the radio station.

My Bloody Valentine (1981)

My Bloody Valentine 1981 miner horror movie

This one’s for anyone whose had to work on Valentine’s Day while their completely incompetent managers left work to have a great time! If you can relate, you’ll love The Miner and his revenge-minded Valentine’s Day murder sprees.

My Bloody Valentine (1981) begins with a mining accident caused by the mining operations supervisors putting attending their town’s Valentine’s Day dance above the safety of their crew. A massive cave-in occurs, trapping several miners, and only one (Harry) manages to survive — via cannibalism! Naturally, Harry was left a tad ticked off and hating dances even more than the minister in Footloose! He murdered his supervisors, put their hearts in candy boxes, and warned that if the town ever tried to throw another Valentine’s Day dance, he’d friggin’ lose it. So, guess what happens…!

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

My Bloody Valentine 2009 Jensen Ackles horror remake

Okay, now imagine My Bloody Valentine (1981) but instead of early 1980’s slasher aesthetic, you have shiny 2000’s slasher vibes with full-on, over-the-top 3D “coming atcha” camerawork. And I know that look isn’t for everyone, or you may be against horror movie remakes in general, but consider this: My Bloody Valentine (2009) stars Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) and Tom Atkins (Halloween III, Night of the Creeps).

If those handsome lads aren’t enough to make this worthy of being on your Must Watch list of Valentine’s Day horror movies, then I don’t know what to think!

Hospital Massacre AKA Be My Valentine…Or Else! (1982)

Hospital Massacre AKA Be My Valentine Or Else 1982 Valentine's Day horror movies

Hospital Massacre AKA X-Ray AKA Be My Valentine, Or Else! revolves around Susan Jeremy’s worst Valentine’s Day ever.

Basically, Susan visits a hospital for a routine checkup (which is already a bummer way to spend V-Day) when her simple medical appointment takes a nightmarish turn. She becomes the target of a psychotic killer stalking the hospital’s corridors.

As Susan navigates the institution’s dark hallways and deserted rooms, she encounters a series of terrifying events and gruesome murders. The intense cat-and-mouse game between Susan and the mysterious murderer along with the oppressive atmosphere of the hospital setting makes this 1982 slasher one of the most unsettling Valentine’s Day horror movies!

Bonus! Tales from the Crypt (1972): “Poetic Justice”

Tales from the Crypt 1972 Poetic Justice Peter Cushing zombie

Tales from the Crypt (1972) is an anthology horror film featuring several chilling segments based on stories from EC Comics’ The Haunt of Fear, The Vault of Horror, and (of course) Tales from the Crypt.

In the Valentine’s Day-themed segment “Poetic Justice,” James Elliot (Robin Phillips) harbors a deep hatred for his elderly neighbor, Arthur Edward Grimsdyke (Peter Cushing). James orchestrates a malicious campaign against Grimsdyke, causing him to lose his dogs, his job, and his reputation. On Valentine’s Day, in a final act of cruelty, James sends Grimsdyke fake Valentines that lead the old man to take his own life. However, a year later, Grimsdyke rises from the grave seeking revenge. It’s an absolutely heart-wrenching tale that takes a macabre twist and delivers a truly satisfying EC end to one of film’s most despicable villains.

What Valentine’s Day Horror Movies Do YOU Love?

Have you seen the SIX Valentine’s Day horror movies listed here? Did you enjoy them? What horror films do YOU like to watch on V-Day? Let us know in the comments!


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