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We've enabled "instant" contributions. So, once you sign up as a Patron, the pledge amount you chose will immediately be withdrawn from your account. That way, if you only want to make a one-time donation, you can! That function is also in place for those who wish to donate but are forgetful (nothing worse than signing up as a Patron, forgetting you signed up, and accidentally getting your bank account overdrawn come the 1st of the month!).

You can also sign up with a larger pledge for your first (instant!) donation and then edit your donations down to a more sustainable amount for the ongoing/monthly contributions! Some creators are irritated by that, but not us. As much as we need funding, we don’t want it if it risks putting you in financial peril! (That wouldn’t be very “Fam” of us!!).

ANY contribution at ANY time is highly appreciated — whether it’s one-time, ongoing, or downscaled. We know you did what you could when you could and there will never be any hard feelings. And, of course, whether you’re an official Patron or not, you’re always welcome to check our monthly (free-to-read for everyone, always!) Patreon updates to get a peek at what we’re up to behind-the-scenes.

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Donating via PayPal is a wonderful choice if you’d like to make a one-time donation without having to subscribe to anything (Patreon, etc.).

PayPal donations are quick and easy — you can use your PayPal account OR your credit card! — and are always a welcome surprise on our end.

You can choose to make your donation anonymously, or you can leave a note in the “Notes” section with your name and/or social media handles so we can thank you (and gush about your awesomeness) on our social profiles. We do that for Patreon donations too; however, PayPal sometimes goofs and sets people as “anonymous” by default. So, if you weren’t acknowledged and wanted to be, it wasn’t intentional! Just let Lauren know and she’ll make sure your good deed is made known.

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Other (Mostly Free!) Ways to Help...

Financially, the other options to help us out would be to buy some of our official merch or buy something from one of our affiliates.

However, we know that many of our loyal readers/listeners are struggling with funds as much or more than we are and monetary contributions aren’t always an option.

Please do not feel badly about that! Financial struggles are, sadly, just a part of life. was built by four lifelong freelancers and we know the Feast or Famine Cycle. Just because your bank account is in sorry shape doesn’t mean you have no value or that you can’t make a highly-appreciated contribution! Here are some (FREE!) ways to help

  • Share our articles and/or podcast episodes any way you can! If you’re on social media, feel free to tag us (@LoveHorrorFam on both Twitter and Instagram!) so we can thank you. If not, get the word out via emails or word-of-mouth.
  • Share our Patreon page too, please! We’re always unsure how much we’re allowed to “bug” folks with the fact we do, indeed, have a Patreon page… which has led to some awkward “Why aren’t you guys on Patreon?”/”We are on Patreon! We just don’t share the link very often!” conversations. Haha. Even if you can’t afford to become a Patron, please feel free to help us get the word out that the page exists so, maybe, other folks can.
  • Contribute an article for the blog! Are you a writer? Do you love horror and wanna share your thoughts on something pertaining to the genre? Check out our guest post guidelines and send Lauren an article!
  • Become a Podcast Guest/Connect us with a potential guest! We’re always looking for new horror creators to interview/promote, but sometimes guests are difficult to find on our own. Don’t be shy!
  • Print flyers and share them at your local horror-related shops and conventions! Here's a downloadable PDF doc of a half-sheet flyer you can print at home or take to your local printing place. (Looks decent in grayscale/B&W too so don't feel pressured to spend extra on color if you can't afford to/don't want to!!).
  • Send positive vibes in our general direction! We’re grateful for every @, DM, email, and happy thought that comes our way. It keeps us going. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and interact with us! It’s always appreciated. ♥

Additionally, you can help spread good vibes in general (great for ALL of us in the Horror Community!) and get the word out about us by sharing our FREE STUFF page with your friends. It's full of lighthearted — and sometimes useful! — goodies specifically-designed to cheer horror folks up. Because when you're happy, we're happy.

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