Get to know Johnny, The Horror Hack, as Lauren Spear analyzes his horror-centric YouTube content on this week’s episode of the Podcast!

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Lauren Spear: Hi, Everyone! My name is Lauren Spear and you’re listening to the Podcast!

My guest today a YouTuber in the horror community. His name is Johnny, but you might know him as “The Horror Hack!” And, if you don’t know him, you should get to know him — either through this podcast or just by going to — because he’s super cool and I’m super excited to talk to him.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… Hello, Johnny, The Horror Hack, how’re you doing today?

Johnny: Lauren! What is going ON?!

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: How’s your Friday going? W-wait. It’s Friday, right?

Lauren: Yup! It’s Friday.

Johnny: Yeah… Sometimes the days bleed together a little bit right now.

Lauren: Ah, yeah. Seriously!

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah… But it’s leaving a bit more time to be creative or just do, like, those hobbies that you’ve always said you were gonna do but haven’t done yet, so it’s kind of a cool time if…

I mean, if you’re not an essential worker. Hat’s off to the essential workers that are working so hard! Keeping us safe… Healthcare workers and all that.

But, still, I’m at home right now, so I kind of have a lot of time on my hands.

Lauren: Yeah. Me too. Me too.

Johnny: Yeah.

Lauren: But, you know…

Johnny: Thanks for having me on!

Lauren: You’re welcome! Thank you for being on!

Our horror… Well, “my” horror website and your horror YouTube channel keep us plenty busy! *laughs*

Johnny: It really does, yeah…

It’s too bad that… I get why the movie theaters have shut down, but I used to love going and seeing new horror releases in the theaters. It’s one of my favorite things to do: go to the movies! And now… I can’t.

But I’ve been seeing some pretty cool movies on Prime and Hulu and Netflix. And I like that some of these production companies are releasing their movies straight to Demand because maybe you didn’t see them in the theater… Like Blumhouse and Universal Pictures. I know they released The Invisible Man and The Hunt early so people could watch them digitally. I thought that was really cool.

I mean, the price is high… But, if you go to the theater and get snacks and you’re buying the movie ticket then, you know, twenty bucks doesn’t seem so bad to [be able to] watch at home!

Lauren: Yeah! That’s like the price of… Hmm. The price of ONE ticket? *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah! Or, like… Yeah. If you pay like thirteen bucks for a ticket and then if you want some Twizzlers or Red Vines or something and popcorn — that’s gonna add up!

Lauren: Oh yeah. It adds up real quick.

Johnny: Yeah!

Lauren: But… *laughs* Right now, it just sounds like you’re just some guy who likes horror movies and likes going to the movie theater!

Johnny: Yeah!

Lauren: Let’s actually talk about what you DO on YouTube! Because you are pumping out all kinds of videos — even more frequently now that you’re stuck at home! Which is good for us, as viewers, but maybe not so fun for you…? *laughs* But you’re pumping out even more content now, and why don’t you tell us a little about what your content IS?

Johnny: Absolutely! Yeah!

I’m kind of a fairly new channel. I started it back in… I think it was June of last year? I mean, I guess it’s almost been a year? But it seems like I’m still a baby, y’know, compared to a lot of these horror movie review [channels].

Yeah! So I’m basically… I’m a reviewer. I’m basically… I review…

Horror movies is kind of my wheelhouse. So, new releases or even older films that are some of my favorites.

So, I’ll just… I’ll watch them, take notes, and just… *chuckles* randomly give off my dorky thoughts and review and push it out on YouTube! And I just hope that people like my content.

I think one of the coolest things I’ve learned or I’ve had about having this YouTube channel is meeting this gigantic horror community online. I was just stunned by how many people watch these YouTube videos! And there are other movie reviewers [who] are so good…

People will comment and they’ll find you and you get to talk to one another!

And just how supportive the horror community has been to me. And I see it on Twitter a lot as well.

It’s just kind of been fun to find all these new horror-centric online friends, y’know?

Lauren: Yeah! I know. *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah.

Lauren: That’s pretty much why I created with…

Myself, my husband, and my two gal pals were like, “Hey! You know what would be fun? If we had more friends who were weird like we are!” *laughs*

Johnny: Exactly!

Because, it’s funny, in the horror community, we already kind of feel like outcasts because we love such a niche thing… Horror movies, TV shows, comics, anything horror-related that’s very dark and mysterious and disturbing sometimes.

And maybe, to other people, we’re such weirdos. But it’s fun to have a common interest and, like, talk on Twitter and do funny memes and everything that only horror people would understand. Like horror jokes and memes.

It’s been a lot of fun talking to all of you!

Lauren: I agree. I second what he said.

Johnny: Yeah! *chuckles*

Lauren: And, actually, I looked up when your [YouTube] channel was created, and you started it on my dad’s birthday last year! So, May 15th, 2019.

Johnny: Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh… Oh! Awesome! May 15th! Okay. Well, that was a good day to start then…

Lauren: Yeah. You have an anniversary coming up in less than a month!

Johnny: Yeah! What’s funny is that I remember… I created the account, I think, that day. But I didn’t push out a video until June because I had to get, like, cover art done and all that stuff. So I was kinda…

I started Twitter about a month early, before I put out a video, just so I could get a few followers and follow some people.

I think my first… My very first video was the Child’s Play reboot…?

Lauren: Correct.

Johnny: Yeah. *chuckles* Yeah… It’s so…

Okay. So, it’s so funny, and I’m sure other people that do YouTube videos or anything that you start new… You are NOT very good at it. *laughs* You know?

Or, maybe you are good at it, but you always improve.

So, it’s funny to go back, even to my very first video and how I look and how I’m very kind of…monotone…and a little…slow…and I don’t know what to do…and I kinda sound like this…

To, like, when I push out content today! I’m more active and, I dunno, I guess I seem more like a host and more… *chuckles* “with it,” I guess? More interesting — I think? — than my first video…

Lauren: More confident.

Johnny: Yeah! More confident! There you go! I was looking for a word. “Confident” is the word…

Yeah, ’cause, you know, it’s anything… Anything that you do that’s new, you’re like, “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m gonna try it!” And you just get better at it [as you go along].

And I know that probably in another couple years, I’ll look back, even on the videos I do now, and be like, “Oh man… Yeah. That’s kinda cringe-worthy a little bit.”

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah…

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah. I do that with my older things. *knowing laugh*

Johnny: Mmhmm.

Lauren: I’m sure that I’ll probably look back on THIS and be very “cringe” at at least MY half of the conversation! *laughs*

Johnny: Oh, no, no! See, this is just… You’re doing great! We’re just two people talking. And I know that people that like horror will listen to this so I’m sure it’ll be interesting to your audience.

Lauren: *giggles*

Johnny: I’m already having fun, Lauren!

Lauren: Ah! Yaaaaaaaaay!

Johnny: Yeah.

Lauren: And that’s something that I did notice about your newer videos is that: you seem to be having a lot more fun with them as well. Which makes it more fun for the audience too because…

Johnny: Yeah! Absolutely!

Lauren: …you’re kinda like…

Johnny: Oh! Sorry. Go ahead.

Lauren: *laughs* Yeah. You kinda loosened up and you started telling silly jokes and just kinda like *Johnny self-deprecating impression* “Ah, what??” Y’know?

Johnny: Yeah. Exactly. Because, I think, when I started [The Horror Hack] channel…

See, a lot of my inspiration were…

I loved… I think one of the first people I saw was Girly Gore. Felicia! Felicia Lobo I think is her last name? I’m sorry, Felicia, if I’m getting it wrong!

But, Girly Gore does great movie reviews. She’s fun, she’s informative, she knows her stuff, and she’s just very likable on camera. And, I think, after watching a few of her videos, I was like, “Ah. I think I’d like to do that! Like… I think I could do it!”

So I was kind of emulating that same energy… But, yeah, I am having a lot more fun with it now. And my goal of the channel was to not talk over people’s heads like I’m some horror elitist know-it-all person that just constantly talks about how “the lighting is this” and “the shots are like this.”

I love that stuff. I went to film school and did all that stuff. I love it. But, I mainly just wanted to talk about how FUN these movies are!

Even if I don’t exactly like the movie, there’s always something good I can find in it. And, you know, go off on these stupid dorky rants that I do where I kind of self-depricate and make fun of myself in my own video or something. I just try to have some fun and not trash on any film if I can help it.

Lauren: Yeah! I do know. That was actually one of the reasons why I wanted to interview you! Because…

Well, for one thing, I liked that your videos are very SHORT. *laughs*

Johnny: Right!

Lauren: You’re very concise, you get to the point.

And, you were always very upbeat and positive. And, even when you didn’t like something [you watched] or it wasn’t to your taste, you still found something good to say about it.

Johnny: Right.

Lauren: And that was something… That’s something that WE try to do as well at!

Like, we kinda live by the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Johnny: That’s good!

Lauren: It’s fine to have a complaint and say something that may be on the negative side… BUT, if that’s ALL you have to say: probably [best to] just keep it to yourself. *laughs*

Johnny: No! No one wants a Debbie Downer! No one wants a know-it-all! No one wants to listen or see that! Well… maybe some people do…

But, yeah. Let’s just spread the good news, Man!

Like, artists that create movies or movie scripts or anything that you do… If you are a creator, you are coming up with something from just your MIND and that’s incredible! And so that’s another reason why I don’t like to trash any film because, I mean, these people have worked HARD to write the story and even, you know, on set, you have production assistants helping out with the film and the director, the producers… They’re all collaborating together to make this content! And they’re hoping, you know, people will ENJOY it! So I hate to trash on that.

I do feel bad. I think the only one I kinda trashed on was Fantasy Island from Blumhouse. *guilty laugh* But I was doing it in… I was trying to be funny about it! I wasn’t, like, angry. I came off as angry but I was doing it in a joking way!

That movie wasn’t for me. So… that was probably the one I trashed a little bit…

But I think I was just mad at the marketing! I was like, “Oh, man. The marketing [makes it] seem like it’s going to be this awesome, dark horror film!” But it was just kind of more of a teen thriller type of thing…

I think when I watch [Fantasy Island] again, maybe with some drinks, I’ll have some fun with it? But, yeah, that’s about it.

Lauren: Yeah. Well… What counts is that we at least TRY to be nice! *laughs*

Johnny: Absolutely! Absolutely! And I think you really should, because [horror creators] take so much time to create something for the masses. Like I said, it originates with an idea, and then you bounce off the idea with others or you just write the script yourself, and then that takes forever… It goes through development hell sometimes with the movie studios and…ugh. And then you have the crew and the actors! And it can take months for a project to get done…

So, the hard work is put in and, even if it’s not my taste, I’m never going to completely trash it, y’know?

Lauren: Yeah. Same. I’ll try to offer, maybe, some constructive criticism if I think it’ll be helpful…

Johnny: Yeah!

Lauren: …but I never wanna be like, “This sucked. Don’t see it. Booooooooooo!” Y’know? It’s so negative and mean…

These people worked [hard]! Even if [the movie]’s not…gooood…or, at the very least, not to our personal tastes, people worked crazy hard on this stuff! And they have family members and, like, you don’t want someone’s kid — [the kid] of someone who worked on the movie — to go on[line] and see all this trash talk about their parents or whatever.

Johnny: Absolutely. And I think that’s kinda why I always say, in my videos, “I support horror.” And, kinda at the end of the video, I’ll say…

Well, usually I’ll say “go see this movie!” And, if I don’t say that, I… I forgot to say the line.

My whole thing is, too: I try to, even if I didn’t particuarly like [a horror movie I watched], I urge other horror fans to see it and decide for themselves.

There’s nothing I don’t like [more than] if I see on Twitter: “This movie sucked. Don’t waste your time!” Y’know? It’s like… Well, some people may like it!

So, I would never say “This movie’s stupid; don’t see it.”

Lauren: Also, if enough of those comments get out there, it’s so easy for people who aren’t within the [horror] community — but who have the money to be tossin’ around — to see those comments and go, “Oh. People don’t like horror movies.” And then, you know, we’ll go through another dry spell where not very many horror movies are coming out.

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah. I get that. Yup.

And it’s so funny how there’s movies that are on…

It kind of goes one way or the other. And I think of the director Ari Aster — Hereditary and Midsommer. Right? Those A24 films. It just seems like people… it’s one way or the other: they hate it or they love it. Y’know? Because they’re…

Have you seen those films?

Lauren: Nooo… *sheepish laugh*

Johnny: Yeah. That’s okay! It’s okay. They’re very…out there, I should say. *chuckles*

I actually really enjoy them because I love things that are just sort of dark, disturbing, and weird. And those [movies] seem to touch on that. So, I…

But people seem to be like, “What in the…?!” You know. *laughs* “What did I just watch?!?” is what I’ve seen a lot of people [say] after [watching] Midsommer.

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: And I completely agree!

It’s a horror movie in broad daylight. I mean, the sun never really sets. And it’s just… It’s just a mind…eff. *laughs* It’s mind… Yeah. I don’t wanna swear here too much, but…

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: It’s just crazy! And it was a lot of fun to see. But it is very disturbing… Which I love!

And you wonder why we like such sick stuff. Like… Is there something wrong with me because I’m smiling when someone’s getting, like, tortured or something?? Uhhhh… Maybe I should check myself. I dunno what’s going on.

Both: *laugh*

Lauren: No. Well. For me, most movies that are supposed to be “dark” or “disturbing” or “weird” [don’t] really affect me that way… But, I do tend to look at the running times for movies. *laughs*

Johnny: Oh, you’re of THOSE!

Lauren: A little bit. Well…

Johnny: Nah, I’m kidding. *laughs*

Lauren: These days! Because our… *laughs* I kinda touched upon this in Episode 7 of the Podcast where I mentioned that I don’t really like movies that are over an hour-and-a-half, or two hours TOPS, because…

Johnny: Ah, yeah…

Lauren: I said, you know, “My butt can’t take it.” *laughs* And what I was talking about is: We have a REALLY uncomfortable couch! Because it’s from the 1980s and it’s really busted up…

Johnny: Yeah!

Lauren: …so sitting for anything longer than two hours is just… It’s too much for me.

Johnny: Oh, mannn…

Well, that’s when you’ve gotta stand up and do some burpees! Do some jumping jacks or something and sit back down!

Both: *laugh*

Lauren: Yeah, maybe…

Johnny: Because, you know, that’s what everyone wants to do when they’re watching a horror movie: They want to get up and exercise!

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah…

Johnny: No, they don’t!

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: They wanna sit down and drink a beer and stuff their face with popcorn and… y’know? I love doing that stuff.

Lauren: Yeah.

Johnny: But the run time [dilemma] is interesting because… I do agree with you, in a way, that sometimes after I watch a movie — and I think other people say this too — I think, “Oooh. They could’ve probably cut 20 minutes from that.” Or “they could cut half-an-hour out of that and it would be just fine.”

Lauren: Yeah.

Johnny: It’s when it lags and drags on that you’re like, “Ughhhh.” You’re like, “Come on!”

And sometimes I almost feel bad… I think I said this in one of my videos? I almost feel bad thinking that because I’m just like, “Oh. No. How dare you give me MORE content to watch! How dare you give me MORE!” Y’know? From the director or whoever did this it’s like… They took the time to shoot all of this and I’m just like, “Okay. Hurry it up!” Y’know?

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: So, sometimes I feel like a brat saying that! But I do agree with you: There are some things that just kinda lag. And you’re like, “Okay. This could probably be done…right now.”

Lauren: Well, your own content, at The Horror Hack, is very succinct. I haven’t seen an episode yet that’s been over ten minutes! I mean, most of them are around the seven-minute mark.

Johnny: Yeah. Exactly.

Lauren: And, sometimes, you review multiple movies within those seven minutes!

Johnny: Yeah. I try to keep it in that sweet spot.

You know, I’ve heard different things about YouTube algorithms. And sometimes they’ll like longer-form content… Oof. I figured it would also just take me a long time to create that. *chuckles* So, I do these shorter snippets.

I still even think seven to eight minutes is a good amount of time! Especially with our ADD culture — we can’t sit and watch something for longer than just a few minutes without looking at our phones! It just happens!

Lauren: Yeah. Either because of “ADD” or because of uncomfortable chairs, a lot of people just can’t sit around for that long. *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah!

Get a new couch, Lauren!

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: Get a new couch after this thing is over. Get your stimulus check and buy a couch!

Lauren: Nahhhhhh. I’ve got too many other things to pay for…

Johnny: No, I know. Oh, I hear you. I 100% hear you. Yeah.

It’s funny, I’ve had so much fun creating these videos because… You know. I do it for the horror fans and the audience; but, mainly, it’s just an outlet for me to be sort of creative. Y’know? And it’s just fun! I can sit in my little “Hack Shack” with a camera in front of me and just kind of be a moron for a half-hour while I film. And then I can just cut it down.

It keeps me busy and it’s just something fun I like to do!

Lauren: That’s what it’s all about! That’s pretty much what I do every day now. *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah. And I know…

So, your parents were, like, special FX artists, right?

Lauren: Right.

Johnny: Do you have any movies that you have in mind that, in the past… Actually, I don’t even care — whatever timeframe! [Movies] that you were like “This movie has awesome special FX in it!”

Lauren: Um…

Johnny: Or, I’m sorry! PRACTICAL… Practical FX!

Or were they…

Which one [did your parents] do? I’m sorry… I forget.

Lauren: Practical.

Johnny: Yeah! Practical FX! And that’s…

I love when a movie can utilize practical FX versus CGI! I think I say that in a few of my videos, too! I love a good practical FX film.

Lauren: Yeah! Actually, my buddy Christi, who’s listed as one of our founders on our About page, wrote an article — I think two weeks ago? — on about… It was sort of a “love letter” to practical FX!

Johnny: Yeah? That’s awesome.

Lauren: We bought a bunch of cool movie stills and behind-the-scenes shots to include with that. So, that was pretty neat.

Johnny: That’s great!

Have you seen The Head Hunter?

Lauren: No. Not yet.

Johnny: Yeah. That’s one I always tell people to watch. It’s… I reviewed it probably three or four weeks ago…

Well, this content is evergreen, so…

Both: *chuckle*

Johnny: “Three or four weeks ago” might not mean what I’m saying here!

But, yeah. I just reviewed it on my [YouTube] channel and I’ve seen it a few times. And it’s amazing how they got this movie done [with] just $30,000! And that’s including some of the marketing.

The directer used… He actually went to Spirit Halloween — the Halloween store — and got a lot of, like… for the props! And they would paint ’em over and make ’em look aged. And it’s just amazing, when you watch [The Head Hunter]. You’re like, “These props don’t look like he got ’em for five bucks!” Or like twenty bucks or something. They made ’em look so realistic!

And I love when people can be creative like that.

Lauren: I like that too.

And, one of the things that you do on your channel is: Everything, even if you’re reviewing something older, is sort of fresh and “new” because you mention where that movie is streaming at the moment. So, even if it’s an older movie…

Like, say, you reviewed The Ruins in one of your videos…

Johnny: Yup.

Lauren: …and that movie is a few years old now. But, at the time, it was showing on a streaming channel!

Johnny: Right. Yeah.

Lauren: So, everything that you review, whether it’s legitimately new or if it’s old is still “new” because it may have just become available for people to see for, perhaps, the first time.

Johnny: Right. That’s exactly why I say it! Because I want people to SEE these films. Like, see them and go decide for yourself.

And I’m sure they can just put in a simple Google search, but if I can help out in any way and be like “Hey! This is streaming on Shudder right now. So, you know, go ahead and go see it!” Or “this is on Prime Video at the moment! So, before it goes away, you should probably stream this.” Or…

Yeah. I try to help out the audience by telling them where they can watch [the horror movie I’m reviewing].

Lauren: Yeah. And that’s a way where your content is “evergreen.” Because your review will still be your review in a month from now, even if [the movie you’re talking about] is not streaming there! But, if people land on [The Horror Hack YouTube channel] — if they subscribe — and they get the notification right as you upload that video, they’ll be able to go “Oh! That’s what I’m watching today!”

Johnny: Yeah… Yeah! Yeah. I try to help out whenever I can…

That’s a good idea! I should do a simple plug right now!

Hey, Subscribers! If you can turn on your notifications right now, that’d be awesome! Because I want you to get fresh content…

I’m just kidding. I’m doing a stupid commercial…

Both: *laugh*

Johnny: But, yeah. People should turn on their notifications so when my video is live, or is just uploaded, they can watch it. Yeah. So go ahead and do that, Subscribers!

Lauren: First: Subscribe. *laughs*

Johnny: YES! PLEASE!! SUBSCRIBE! I want a horror army! I want subscribers.

Lauren: Go to, subscribe, and THEN hit the notification bell or…

Johnny: Yeah. The bell! *laughs*

Lauren: Or whatever they have this week! *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah! I know. It’s probably gonna change next week…

Lauren: Oh! And the other thing that I noticed about your videos’ length: It’s a nice way to say your opinion while still leaving the conversation open for others to chime in and say what they think as well.

Because, with the longer reviews… I also enjoy a lot of those, BUT… With the longer reviews, it’s kinda like “Oh! Well… That guy said everything there is to say, didn’t he?”

Johnny: *laughs* Yeah. Yeah.

Lauren: So, when [the review video] is only seven minutes, it’s like, “Oh, okay. So that’s Johnny’s opinion. But there’s still so much that could be said!”

Johnny: Yeah. Exactly. And I try to do…

*to himself* And I should do this on all of… I should do this when I film or when I upload… I should put it in the title!

Uh… *regaining focus* If you notice, I try to do non-spoilers. Like… non MAJOR spoilers in every one of my videos. Because I want people to be able to watch it even if they haven’t seen the film yet, y’know? Because some people are like, “Oh, I can’t watch this YouTube video because I haven’t seen the movie!”

Lauren: Yeah.

Johnny: I try to make it so it’s like… I just talk about the story a little. Not like exact scenes or “this character did this or that.” I try to do non-spoilers for as much as I can so that you can just not worry about me giving anything away.

Lauren: Yeah. And you did remember to put that in some of your titles! But pretty much all of your videos are spoiler-free [even if they aren’t labeled as such].

Johnny: Yup.

Lauren: Like, you’ll say “Oh. Well. That guy got his head bitten off by an alligator.” But you don’t say specifically what character or in what context or…

Johnny: Yeah… And what a way to go, huh?

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: Head bit off by an alligator?

Lauren: Oof.

Johnny: *chuckles* I think… Yeah. I think we all wanna go like that.

Lauren: *laughs*

Johnny: I’m just kidding!

That was probably in my Crawl review! I don’t even remember.

Lauren: Oh, well… *laughs*

Johnny: I’m not even sure.

Lauren: Yeah, it was.

Johnny: Yeah!

Lauren: Yeah, so… The Horror Hack!

Do you have anything else you wanna say or…?

Johnny: I don’t think so! This has been, like… It’s been really fun to talk to you, chatting about my channel.

I think that you have an AWESOME website as a stepping stone for creators, like me. They can come on your show and you can promote us. I think it’s great to have someone like you that’s doing this for… Not just small channels, but big channels…

Not even just YouTubers, but horror-centric creators or like-minded people like us! It’s just great to have a place that you can put all that stuff right on your website and have these awesome podcast episodes with us.

So… I just want to say “thank you” for THAT.

Lauren: Oh! Well… thank you very much! *laughs*

Johnny: Yeah.

Lauren: That’s so nice of you to say!

Johnny: Of course! Of course! That’s why I wanted to hop on this show. Yeah.

And I just wanna say, to everyone who’s subscribed to me: Thank you so much! I love hearing all your comments. And, if you come follow me on Instagram and Twitter — @TheHorrorHack — find me there and say “Hey!”

Again, I’d love for you to watch my videos at

It’s just a lot of fun talking with you all. And I really appreciate all the nice things people say about my videos and content. It’s just been a great experience. So, thank you to EVERYONE!

Lauren: Yeah! As Johnny said: Follow him @TheHorrorHack on Twitter, on Instagram, on YouTube… It’s all the same [handle/name].

And that’s “hack” with an “H.” H-A-C-K — just in case, for some reason, you couldn’t understand what we were saying.

Johnny: Yeah! Yeah.

That’s funny because that name is very… you know. Because I like to be self-depreciating a little bit. I enjoy making fun of myself. So, I figured… I’m a little bit of a hack, y’know? So I thought, “The Horror Hack? That’s a good name to have.” *chuckles* It fits my personality, y’know?

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah…

Johnny: Yeah?

Lauren: Nah, I’m just kidding! *laughs*

Johnny: *laughs* No. No. It absolutely does!

Lauren: It is a good name though. I like the alliteration. And I like that “hack” can also, y’know, be for “hacking” up bodies or…

Johnny: Exactly.

Lauren: It’s got the kind of wordplay there that I enjoy, so…

Johnny: Yeah. Thank you.

Well… yeah! Thanks a lot for having me on. It’s been really fun! And I hope to do it again sometime.

Lauren: Well, if you ever want to come back on, let me know!

Johnny: Absolutely. I’m always here.

Lauren: All right, Everyone! Say “hi” to Johnny on social media, follow him on YouTube, watch his videos, annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd… That was The Horror Hack!

Bye, Everyone!

Johnny: See you later!

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Images, except for the pull quote graphic, were all provided by Johnny, The Horror Hack.

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