Author: AJ Spencer

A.J. Spencer is an award-winning writer and independent filmmaker from Kentucky. Growing up he was fascinated with the horror genre and constantly rented the Nightmare on Elm Street series on VHS. You can find A.J. Spencer's work on Amazon, including his new novella, This Town Died With You.

Horror Reads: The Reyes Incident by Briana Morgan

An ultra-violent creature story filled with seduction, love, and a cast of well-written LGBTQ+ characters… AJ Spencer shares his thoughts on Briana Morgan’s latest novel, The Reyes Incident.


Horror Reads: Flicker by Jed Shepherd & Trevor Henderson

A.J. Spencer reviews Flicker, a horror short story written by Jed Shepherd (Host 2020) and illustrated by Trevor Henderson (creator of internet cryptid Siren Head)!