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Hey, Everyone!

Just a quick update:

I’m back at my desk after nearly a year away. I had my defective organs removed and was cleared to return to my desk after six weeks… but the full recovery period is actually closer to six months. And while I’m much much MUCH (did I say much?!) better than before, I still have to take it easy some days.

For now, I’ve been uploading written posts at least once per week (and it’s really great stuff! Big thanks to Christi Bandy for her writing!!) and I’ve been sloooooooooooooooooooooowly replying to all of the (literal thousands) of emails that stacked up in my inbox while I was gone.

I just wanted to answer a few quick questions so we’re all on the same page 🙂

Is back?

Yes!! It’s officially BACK! Go read some of the new written posts! ♥

Is the Podcast back?

Not yet! I need some more time to 1. recover and, 2. schedule guests.

The Podcast will return in January 2022!

Did you get my email?

Probably! If I did you WILL get a reply! At the rate I’m going, I should have all of the old emails replied to by the end of this month. *knocks wood* So, if you wrote to me sometime before September 13, 2021 (when I finally returned to my desk), you should be hearing from me very soon! If you don’t hear from me by Halloween, I either didn’t get your email and/or thought it was spam and deleted it… in which case, if you are a real person, you’d need to try again.

You replied to my old email but then I replied and you haven’t written back to my new email yet – what gives?!?

I’m replying to all of the emails in order… >_< I know that might be frustrating to have to wait again for a second reply after you already waiting so immensely long for my first reply but I absolutely PROMISE you that it will be a shorter waiting period the second time around.

I know it’s not ideal – but neither is being ill for over a year. I’m truly doing my very best and responding to everyone as quickly as I can. Going in order from oldest to newest seemed like the fairest way to tackle this issue. Fortunately, as of this writing, I’m down to the final 111 old emails! WHEW!

So, once you get through the backlog of old emails, you’ll respond to current/future emails more quickly?


Are you accepting guest posts again?

YES!! A thousand times YES! Please. Send me your horror articles!

It may take me a little longer than usual to respond to your submission (see above paragraphs about my backlog of emails), but I will get back to you. And I’d love to see additional writing voices represented on here! 🙂

Do you hope I have a happy Halloween?

You know I do, Fam. After all you’ve been through, you deserve the happiest Halloween EVER. We all do.

And thank you so much for sticking with!

Beast wishes always,

Lauren Spear (a pale woman who's nearly 40 with dark brown wavy hair and mostly-blue eyes) is wearing a t-shirt while smiling and gesturing (in a one-handed "ta-da" presenting-type pose) towards an acrylic painting of's primary mascot, Zander the ant.

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Lauren Spear (née Tharp) is the owner of, a formerly super-respectable multiple award-winning website for freelance writers that's now just a wacky place where she tries to cheer people up anyway she can. Lauren's also's primary founder/owner! Lauren grew up in the horror industry (her parents did practical special FX work for many of the horror movies you love from the '80s and '90s) and she basically created this site so she could freely gas on about creepy stuff and stop having to pretend to be normal. o_O

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